Proceeds from this fund support Christ Church's normal operating budget.

Although Jesus had everything, we see that he emptied himself for our sake. And by his poverty, we are made rich. At Christ Church, giving is an act of worship. We believe all who follow Jesus are called to give regularly, sacrificially, and cheerfully to support what God is doing through Christ Church in the city and around the world.


Proceeds from this fund support Hands at Work. Hands at Work is a Christian non-profit organization working in vulnerable communities across sub-Saharan Africa where HIV/AIDS, poverty and numbers of orphans are highest and support structures are very low. Hands at Work helps the local church in those communities to effectively care for the orphaned and vulnerable.


Individuals who would rather donate through PayPal also have that option.

Giving Online


Why should I give online?

Online giving is all about convenience for you and consistency for the church. Your monthly pledge is more consistently upheld, you have 24/7 access to your giving records for tax purposes, and online giving is easier and even more secure than writing checks or carrying cash.

How should I give online?

At this time, online giving is only available through Finch Give, The City (which we are transitioning off of in the next few weeks) or PayPal. Contributions are transferred automatically (and on a recurring basis, if you so desire) from your checking or savings account to the church’s bank account. The giver has complete control over the frequency and amount of such contributions. 

All transactions are routed through secure servers. Christ Church cannot access or edit a donor's credit card information, payment subscription, or account information.

For any questions, please email us at

mailing instructions


Please mail your checks to 6926 California St., San Francisco, CA 94121. Checks can be made payable to Christ Church of San Francisco. Thank you for your generosity.