Eternal / The Gospel of Salvation in Jesus

Younger Kids Questions

God is not like a circle, but a circle can help us to understand that God does not have a beginning or end, just like this circle does not have a visible start or end point.

Read Psalm 90:2. Do the children see the word “eternal” in this verse? No. But what words are used that mean the same thing as eternal? Have the children underline the words “from everlasting to everlasting.” Then have them decorate the letter and illustration.

God is an Eternal Dwelling Place

Read Deuteronomy 33:27a and Psalm 90:1. Ask children what a dwelling place is.

A dwelling place is like a house. It protects you as you live within it. Is your house very old? Do houses ever get old and weak and fall apart? Would an old house that is falling down keep you safe?

Discuss the importance of the eternal God being a dwelling place for His people. Pray together and praise God that He is an eternal dwelling place for His people. Thank Him for His goodness, and ask that He would give you and the children hearts that would trust in His everlasting protection.

God Can Be Trusted Forever

Ask the children if they’ve ever been disappointed by something that didn’t last. Did a toy break? Did a treat get eaten? Did a flower they planted get old and fall off the plant? Did a pet die? Did a good friend move away? Did a grandparent die? Read and discuss Isaiah 26:4.

What should the words “the LORD” remind us of in this verse? [God’s name, Yahweh] Why can we trust in the LORD forever? What does it say God is like? How is God like an everlasting rock? Why do people build houses and other buildings on rock, and not on soft things like sand? Because God is like an everlasting rock, will He ever grow weak, or stop being God, or die? How should we respon 

Older Kids Questions

Have the children turn to John 3:16. Point out that many people have memorized this verse. Ask: If someone came up to you today and asked you what this verse means, could you explain it to them? [Allow the children to respond.] Use the following questions if the children need help: What is the “bad news” in this verse that we need saving from? [We are perishing.] Why are we perishing? [Because we are sinners and deserve death and hell.] What is the good news in this verse? [God sent Jesus into the world.] Why did God send Jesus? [Because He loves us and wants to save sinners.] Point out that this verse is telling us of the good news that there is salvation in Jesus. Does this verse say that everyone gets

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eternal life? Read verse 18 also. [No.] What do you need to do in order to receive salvation from Jesus? [Believe in Him.] What do you think that means? Is it just saying certain words?

Ask: Do you think that there is another way to get eternal life? Suppose someone says that as long as you do more good things than bad things, you can get to heaven without believing in Jesus. Or, you can get eternal life by believing in the help of other gods, or you can get eternal life by working to do five special things. Can you get eternal life in these ways also? Choose children to read the following verses: John 14:6 and Acts 4:12. What are these verses telling us about Jesus and salvation? Can you depend on any other way to be saved? Are you trying to receive eternal life by depending on other things or ways?

Remind the children of the beginning illustration of the prize and the driver’s license. Do you think that child felt frustrated at first knowing that he could not get the prize? How did his feelings change when the adult offered his own license? Ask: Have you ever felt deep sadness because of your sin and your inability to earn eternal life? Have you ever felt desperate because you have sinned against a holy and righteous God and deserve His judgment? Knowing the bad news—what is the good news? Have you responded to the good news of the gospel? How must a person respond in order to receive the good news? Read and discuss Acts 3:19.

WORKBOOK Have the children turn in their workbooks to Lesson 4. Have the children read through the verses and write down the key points of the gospel message. Next, have them write in the response that the gospel calls us to. What is repentance? What does it mean to believe in Jesus? Recall the story of the rich young man from Matthew 19:16-22. Read what Jesus called him to do in verse 21. Did the man do this? Why not? Use the following examples to help children understand repentance and true belief: Luke 18:13, Luke 19:8-9 and Luke 9:23. Have you experienced true repentance for your sin? Do you have the kind of belief in Jesus that causes you to deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Jesus as your Savior and Lord? 

YHWH / Jesus, God's Holy and Righteous Son

Younger Kids Questions

What would you think if someone came into our class, and when we asked what his name is, he wouldn’t tell us? Would you think that he wanted us to get to know him? Would you think he wanted to be our friend? Why not? Why is it important for someone to tell us his name? How can knowing that God has a personal name that He shares with us, help us to better understand that He is real, and that He cares for us and wants us to love Him? Is it sometimes hard for you to feel that Yahweh is real? In what ways does Yahweh show us that He is real and cares for us?

What kinds of things should come to mind when we think of Yahweh? What kind of things describe what He is like? 

Why will we trust in God when we know His name? Does it mean that if I know that God’s name is spelled YHWH, I will trust Him? Does it mean that if I know that God’s name is pronounced “Yahweh,” I will trust Him? 

Do you know someone who doesn’t know and trust in God’s name? What should we do when someone doesn’t know Yahweh? How could you or I tell them about Yahweh, the one true God? What kinds of things should people know about Yahweh? Can you think of some Bible verses that would be helpful?  

Older Kids Questions

Why is it important to know that Jesus is fully God? Does it really matter? Why? Is there anything that Jesus cannot do? Is there anything that you are hoping that Jesus can do for you? What? 

ow can knowing that Jesus had a real body and human feelings and emotions help us? Choose a child to read Hebrews 2:17-18 and Hebrews 4:15. What do these verses tell us about the importance of Jesus being a human just like us? Has there been a difficult time when you felt that no one could understand what you were feeling? Can Jesus sympathize with you? Why? Did Jesus have the same temptations as you? But did He ever sin? How do you think that He can help us when we are tempted? 

When you read about Jesus in the Bible—His words and actions—do you picture Him as a real person who actually lived, breathed, ate, and slept, or does He seem unreal to you? If He doesn’t seem real to you, do you know why He doesn’t? As you read and think about Jesus, do you see Him as fully God? Do you think that it was hard for some people in Jesus’ day to believe that He really was God? Why? Is it hard for some people now to believe that He is truly God? Can you think of any Bible verses where Jesus says that He is God? 

Did the disciples understand how Jesus could be both fully human and fully God? Were they sometimes confused by what Jesus said and did? Did they come to understand Jesus better over time? Ask: How can this encourage you? Is it hard for you to understand how Jesus could be both God and human? Do you think that as you grow up, God can help you to better understand who Jesus is? [Point out that not even adults fully understand this—it will remain somewhat of a mystery to us.] 

Because Jesus was a perfect law keeper, did He fulfill God’s demands for gaining eternal life? Is that important for you and me? Why? Read Romans 5:19. What does this verse mean? Who is the one man who will make many righteous? How can He do that? 

Incomprehensible / All Have Sinned

Younger Kids Questions

1. What does "Incomprehensible" mean? (More than we can fully understand)

2. What does it mean for us that God is more than we can fully understand? However, can we still know enough about him to trust him? (Yes!)

3. In what ways does God help us learn more about who He is? (through the Bible, seeing what he has made and done, answers to prayers, testimonies of other Christians, etc.)

4. What is a "know-it-all"? Can any of us be a "know-it-all" about God? (No)

5. Do you want to understand more about who God is and what he is like? Why or why not? Why is it important we learn about who God is?

6. Have you ever been amazed by something you have seen? (i.e. beautiful sunset) How do you respond to something amazing, that's too wonderful to completely understand? How should we respond to the "more than we can understand" greatness of God?

7. How can you respond to the greatness of God this week?

8. When God allows things to happen that are hard to hard to understand, even things that make us sad, is it right to think we will always be able to understand why God is allowing those things to happen? What did Job find out from God?

9. How can we trust God when sad things happen? Would it be easier to trust God when we know him more or less? Why would it be easier to trust God if we know more about what he is like?

10. How can you learn more about God this week? Is there something you would like to know about God that would help you with a hard situation? How can we pray about this situation?

Older Kids Questions

1. If you met the rich young man, would he appear to be a well-behaved, obedient, nice person? According to Jesus, would this help him earn eternal life? Why not?

2. What didn't the young man see about himself, his heart, and God's holy and righteous commands?

3. What do God's commands show you about your own heart? For example, the first command calls us to love and treasure God most of all. Do you always do that? Would you be like the young man and say, "Yes, I do that"?

4. Is there anything in your life that shows that you sometimes treasure other things more? For example, how much time do you spend playing computer games compared to how much you spend time reading the Bible or praying? Or do you always honor your parents?

5. Read and discuss Romans 3:20. If you look carefully at God's law, what will it show you? Are you trying to be righteous by trying to be really good? Will it work? Why not?

6. Another way to look at Romans 3:20 is "For all have sinned and fall short of treasuring the greatness and worth of God." What does this mean? Do you love your friends or watching TV more than spending time with God?

7. Read Romans 5:12, 19a. Are we born that way, or did we learn to sin as we grew up? Who was this "one man"? (Adam; we were sinners even while growing in our mother's womb!)

8. Review Romans 6:23a: What does the Bible mean by "death" in this verse? So is sin a big deal? Should I care about eternal life and how I can receive it? Can I get it through any good thing that I can do? Is this problem too big for you or me to solve? Did Jesus have an answer for the young man? What was it? Did the man accept it? Will you accept it?

9. How does it make you feel that you cannot earn eternal life? Is there hope for helpless sinners?

Questions / Made in God's Image

Younger Kids Questions

Ask them what the important questions they learned today were (Who is God? What is he like? How should I act toward him?)

-Read the memory verse (Isaiah 46:9b) with them and ask them who God is (he is God) and what he is like (there is no one like him).

Older Kids Questions

1.     Could a dog or ape respond to God when reading the Bible?  Why not?

2.     Do you respond to God like this?

3.     Do you believe there is no one like God?

4.     If you were to get an A on a writing assignment, what kind of thoughts would glorify God? Being proud of yourself and bragging, or thinking about good God is to you and being thankful to him?

5.     Why is it so hard to show that God is great instead of wanting to show how great we are?

6.     What is holiness? What is righteousness?

7.     What would you receive for living out these verses all the time? (Eternal life)

8.     Do you think you can receive eternal life in this way? Why or why not?

9.     Why does perfect holiness and righteousness matter to God? Can unholy, unrighteous people live with God in his presence and have happiness forever? Why not? If you fail to be righteous and holy, what is the consequence? Does this matter to you?

Curses into Blessings / When I trust God... Review

Younger Kids Review Questions:

1. What did King Balak want Balaam to do to Israel? (Curse Israel)

2. How did God stop Balaam? (Send an angel with a fiery sword, cause Balaam’s donkey to speak)

3. What did Balaam do instead? (Bless Israel)

4. What is our biggest curse? (Sin and death)

5. How did Jesus turn our biggest curse into a blessing? (He died for our sins so we could be in God’s family)

Older Kids Review

The kids reviewed two questions we've been learning for the past 14 weeks: "Why do we trust God?" And "What does it look like to trust God?" Please feel free to go over and review any of these with your kids!

We trust God because he is: a Perfect Father, Never Changing, Good, Sovereign, Powerful, Loving, Attentive, and a Redeemer.

When we trust God, we: Repent, Are Forgiven, Can Forgive Others, Can tell the truth about sin, Don't have to be afraid, and Don't have to be angry

12 Spies / When I trust God, I don't have to be angry

Younger Kids Questions

1. What did the spies see in the Promised Land? (milk and honey, beautiful)

2. What did the scared Israelites think about God? (God wasn’t strong enough, God was not loving enough)

3. Who asked God to forgive the people? (Moses)

4. Who died on the cross so God could forgive us? (Jesus)

5. Where is the Promised Land that Jesus is leading us to? (Heaven, in God’s presence)

Older Kids Questions

1. Is anger only when you yell/fight, or can it just be quiet and in your heart? (It can be quiet and in your heart)

2. Was it good for Jonah to be angry? (No) Is it good for us to be angry? (No)

3. How soon does God want us to deal with our anger when we get angry? (Right away)

4. Is it sinful to feel angry, or is it what you do with your anger? (It’s what you do with your anger)

5. Do you think you may have to sometimes forgive someone who hasn’t even said sorry? (Yes)

6. Why don’t God’s children have to be angry when they trust Him? (Because He is not angry with them; His anger toward sin went on the cross with Jesus instead of on them; they can trust Him to work justice on their behalf)

7. What can you do when it feels impossible to not be angry? (Pray, talk with someone about it, read the Bible, write about it, etc.)

8. Does anybody have and questions?

9. Finish this sentence for me: “When I trust God, I don’t have to be...” (Angry)

Manna / When I trust God I don't have to be afraid

Younger Kids Questions

1. Where did the Israelites go after being freed from slavery in Egypt? (The Wilderness)

2. What were they complaining about? (Missed being slaves in Egypt, ate better food as slaves, that God wanted to kill them in the wilderness)

3. How did God show his love and power in the wilderness? (Gave them manna, quail, and water in the wilderness)

4. What did Jesus say he was? (The living bread that came down from heaven)

5. How does God provide for us a way out of sin and death? (He sent Jesus to die and come back to life for us)

Older Kids Questions

1. Earlier Ms. Tania asked you about the times you were afraid. How are those times like the storm that came when the disciples were on the boat? (Big, scary, etc.)

2. What can you remember when you’re feeling afraid? (God is powerful and attentive, etc.)

3. What can you do instead of being afraid? (Trust Jesus, pray, talk to someone, write, read the Bible, etc.)

4. Does trusting God mean that no scary times will come? (No, it means He will be with you through it all)

5. Does anybody have any questions about trusting God instead of being afraid?

6. Finish this sentence for me: “When I trust God, I don’t have to be...” (Afraid)

Passover / When I trust God, I can tell the truth about sin

Older Kids Questions

1. Have you ever experienced a time when it was better to tell the truth, even if it was hard?

2. Why do you think trusting God help us tell the truth about sin?

3. What happens after you tell the truth about sin?(Freedom, healing, help, forgiveness, etc.)

4. Finish this sentence: “When I trust God, I can...”(Tell the truth about sin)

5. Does anybody have any questions about telling the truth about sin or want to tell the truth about anything? (**Leaders if your kids do have things to tell the truth about, guide them through prayer focusing on the forgiveness God gives us and we give others. If there is anything confessed that staff needs to know about, please make that known.**)

Younger Kids Questions

1. How did God show everyone He was God? (Ten plagues of Egypt)

2. During the final plague, what did God say the Angel of Death would do? (Kill every firstborn child)

3. What kept the Israelites safe? (Listening to the command of the blood of the lamb on the door)

4. Who is called the Lamb of God? (Jesus)

5. What keeps us safe, protected and free? (Jesus’ death and resurrection)

Joseph / When I trust God, I can forgive others

Younger Kids Questions

1. What did Joseph’s brothers do to Joseph?

2. What was hard about living in Egypt for Joseph?

3. Why did Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt?

4. How did Joseph help them?

5. How did God use Jesus’ death on cross for good?

Older Kids Questions

1. What is forgiveness?(Releasing someone from their wrong)

2. When a sinner trusts God and He forgives them, what can that sinner then do for others? (Forgive them)

3. Does forgiving somebody mean that what they did was not wrong? (No–it means it was wrong but you are releasing them from their wrong)

4. What do you think it is like to release someone from their wrong? (To not be angry with them in your heart, but to forgive them as you’ve been forgiven)

5. Can you forgive someone who does not say sorry?(Yes–you can ask God to help your heart not be angry, to help that person confess their sin and turn away from it to follow Jesus, and to protect you from being hurt by their sin)

This is the same forgiveness Jesus gives sinners. Open and read Luke23:34, after  giving context.

6. Finish this sentence for me, “When I trust God, I can...”(Forgive)

7. Does anybody have any questions about forgiving others?

Abraham and Isaac / When I trust God I am forgiven

Younger Kids Questions

1.     What did God promise to Abraham about his child? (All families would be blessed through his child)

2.     Why didn’t Abraham and Sarah really believe God would give them a son? (They were very old. Sarah was 89 and Abraham was 99.)

3.     What did God ask Abraham to do to his own son? (To sacrifice him)

4.     How did God provide the sacrifice to Abraham? (He provided a ram)

5.     What did God ask his own son, Jesus, to do? (To sacrifice himself)

Older Kids Questions

1. What is forgiveness? (Releasing some one from their wrong)

2. Do you believe that God’s love is strong enough to forgive yours in when you trust Him? Why?

3. Do you know what grace is?(A free gift you don’t deserve)

4. What is the grace that God gives sinners who love and trust Jesus? (Forgiveness of sin – removal of guilt and punishment and a relationship with Him)

5. Finish this sentence form: “When I trust God, I am...”(Forgiven)

6. Does anybody have any questions about God’s forgiveness?

Hallowed Be Thy Name / When I trust God, I can repent

Older Kids Questions

1. Do you feel like you understand what it means to repent? (Confess your sin and turn away from it to follow Jesus)

2. What happens to a sinner after they repent? (They are forgiven by God’s grace and saved from punishment, guilt, sin, and death; their lives and hearts change and they follow Jesus)

3. Finish this sentence: “When I trust God I...”(repent)

4. Does anybody have any questions about trusting God and repentance?

Younger Kids Questions

Mini Point 1: To hallow God’s name means to honor it as holy.

1. (Use the diagram provided) Can anybody tell me what we learned last week about prayer? Who do God’s children pray to?The Father

2. Who made the connection between the Father and His children? Jesus, the Son

3. Who helps the children of God in prayer? How? The Holy Spirit. He takes our weak prayers and makes them strong

4. What did you think about large group today? Was there anything surprising/confusing?

Open and read Matthew 6: 9

This, then, is how you should pray: "'Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name...”

5. Who is talking in this verse? What is He talking about? Jesus; He is teaching about prayer

6. When Jesus says, “hallowed be Your name”, what kind of prayer do you think He’s praying: praise, thanksgiving, confession or request?Request 5. What is the first thing Jesus requests in this prayer? For God’s name to be hallowed

7. What does it mean to hallow God’s name? To honor it as holy – It is a request for God’s name to be glorified

8. What does it mean to “glorify” God’s name? To show, honor and enjoy it as most valuable

10. Why does God’s name deserve to hallowed?

Because He alone is holy, glorious, and worthy of worship and honor.

11. What do you think it means in your life to honor God’s name? (*Leaders: spend time on this one discussing examples of what it means personally to give glory to God in proclaiming the name of Jesus*)

12. Review mini point 1: To hallow God’s name means to honor it as holy.


Mini Point 2: Jesus wanted and requested the Father’s glory.

We are going to read something Jesus said when it was almost time for Him to go to the cross. Open and read John 17: 1After Jesus said this, he looked toward heaven and prayed: "Father, the time has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you.”

1. What did Jesus ask the Father to do? To glorify Him so that He might glorify the Father.

2. Do you think Jesus just asked for the Father’s glory because He felt like He had to or because He really wanted it? He really wanted it

3. Why do you think Jesus wanted and requested the Father’s glory? Jesus knew the best thing was for the Father to be shown, honored, and enjoyed as most valuable. When God is most glorified, His children are most joyful. God’s children know that God’s glory is the best thing for them. They love Him and want to see Him loved even more.

How Prayer Works / Redeeming God

Younger Kids Questions

Mini Point 1: God’s children pray to the Father.

1. Does anybody remember who God’s children pray to? The Father

2. What is the Father like?

3. Why do you think it is such a great thing to talk to Him?

Mini Point 2: God’s children pray because of Jesus.

4. Think back to large group...who makes it possible for God’s children to pray to the Father? Jesus, the Son

5. How does He make it possible? He hangs the line – makes a connection between the Father and His children

6. Why is it impossible for someone to come to the Father without Jesus? Because they are still dead in their sin, deserving of death, and not made pure and holy toapproach a God who is separate from sin

7. Why is Jesus the only way to the Father? Because Jesus is the only sinless one who took the punishment of death for sinners, so that when we love and trust Him we don’t have to be separate from God

Mini Point 3: God’s children pray with the help of the Holy Spirit.

8. Does anybody remember who helps God’s children pray? The Holy Spirit

9. What do you think it means that the Holy Spirit helps God’s children pray? He takes our weak prayers and makes them strong

Open and read Romans 8: 26

Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groaning too deep for words.

10. What is something you can do when you feel like you don’t know how or what to pray? Remember that the Holy Spirit helps you; ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and show you how to pray and what to pray for

Older Kids Questions

1. Why can sinners be redeemed? (Because Jesus paid the debt they owe to God for sin.)

2. How can sinners be redeemed? (By confessing their sin and turning away from it to follow Jesus.)

3. Finish this sentence: “I can trust God because He is...”(Redeeming)

4. What questions do you have about trusting God because He is redeeming?

4 Types of Prayer / Attentive God

Younger Kids Review Questions

1.     What are some things when you think of prayer?

2.     What is prayer? (It is when God and his children talk)

3.     Who can tell me the 4 types of prayer? (Praise, thanksgiving, confession, request)

4.     (Read Psalm 150) Which one is this Psalm showing us?  (Praise)

5.     Why is God worthy to be praised?

6.     (Read Psalm 118:21) Which one is this? (Thanksgiving)

7.     All good things come from God. What are some other things we can thank him for?

8.     (Read Psalm 32:5) Which one is this? (Confession)

9.     God does not want his children to keep quiet about their sin. What does God do when we confess? Does He punish us? (He forgives, or releases us from our wrong. He disciplines all of his children, which means that he teaches and trains them to be like Jesus because he is a loving father. But he does not punish his children because the punishment for sin is death and Jesus took that punishment. So when sinners love and trust Jesus, they are forgiven, trained, and helped instead of punished. He helps his children want to follow him instead of sin)

10. (Read Psalm 27:4) Which one is this? (Request)

11.  What is the psalm asking for? (to always be with God, seeing how beautiful he is)

12. Do we demand selfish things from God? (No, we have humble hearts that trust God to do what is best)

Older Kids Review Questions

1. What does it mean that God is attentive? (He always pays attention to His children.)
2. Is God only attentive sometimes? (No, He never changes. He always pays attention to His children.)
3. Who created you and knows everything about you better than anybody does? (God)
4. When you pray, do you believe that God pays attention? (*Leaders, spend time on this question.*)
5. When you have times like Hagar did, who can you remember is paying attention to you? (God)
6. Finish this sentence: “I can trust God because He is...”(Attentive)
7. Does anybody have any questions about trusting God because He is attentive? 

Ezra and Nehemiah / Loving God

Younger Kids Review Activity:

Ask kids to silently act out various parts of the story:

1.     Ezra and Nehemiah reading the rules of God. Everyone listening crying and being sad. (Pick two people to be Ezra and Nehemiah)

2.     Having a party when they heard God’s promise

Older Kids Review Questions

1. Do you believe that God is loving? Why/why not? How has He been loving in your life?

2. Is God only loving sometimes? (No, He is unchanging and loving all the time.)

3. Who can tell me something that is stronger than the love of God? (There is absolutely nothing.) 

4. Does anybody know the greatest, most loving thing God has done for His children? (Sent Jesus to die on the cross to take the punishment for sin and raise to life again)

5. Even though Jesus is in heaven with the Father now, do you think He is still loving and able to see and understand when those who love and trust Him are hurting? (Yes – He knows everything and is just as close to us as He was to Martha, Mary, and Lazarus.)

6. Martha and Mary both told Jesus that if He had been there, Lazarus would not have died. Are there ever times you feel like saying to Jesus, “If you had only been here!” like they did?

7. God’s plans are different and better than ours. Did Jesus stop Lazarus from dying? (No – He let Lazarus die and then brought him back to life because that is how Jesus was most glorified)

8. Finish this sentence for me: “I can trust God because He is...”(Loving)

9. Does anybody have any questions about trusting God because He is loving?

Jonah / Powerful God

Older Kids Questions

1. Is it hard for you to believe that God is powerful? Why/why not?

2. Is it a good or bad thing that God has great power over everything? Why/why not?(Good – There are many strong things in the world that are scary or not good, but God is stronger than all of them, and His power is always good because He is always good.)

3. Finish this sentence for me: I can trust God because He is... (Powerful)

4. Can anybody name the different attributes we’ve talked about so far? (Perfect Father, Unchanging, Good, Sovereign, Powerful) 

Younger Kids Questions

During review time, the students pretended they were Jonah and answered from his point of view.

·      Why did God want you to go to Nineveh?

·      Did God love the people of Nineveh?

·      Why didn’t you want to go to Nineveh?

·      Did you love the people of Nineveh?

·      What did you do instead of going to Nineveh?

·      What happened on the boat?

·      What did the sailors try to do about the storm?

·      What did you know had to be done about the storm?

·      How did you feel when you were thrown into the sea?

·      Who sent the big fish to swallow you?

·      Describe what it felt like in the stomach of the fish. What did it smell like?

·      What did you pray while you were inside the big fish?

·      How many days were you inside the fish?

·      What happened after three days?

·      What did you do then?

·      What message did you give the people in Nineveh?

·      Did the people in Nineveh listen to you?

Daniel and the Lions Den / Sovereign God

Younger Kids Review Questions

1. What did Daniel do every day in the morning, afternoon and evening? (He talked with God)

2. There were some men that did not like Daniel and wanted to make him get in trouble. What did they trick the king into doing? (they told King Darius he should make a law that no one can pray to God)

3. Did Daniel continue to pray to God? (yes)

4. When the men and King Darius found out that Daniel was praying to God, where did they put him? (in the lion’s den)

5. What did Daniel do while he was in the lions’ den? (he talked with God all night)

6. The next morning, who came to see if Daniel was ok? (King Darius)

7. Was Daniel saved from the lions? (yes!)

8. Who saved Daniel from being eaten by the lions? (God! God shut the lion’s mouths)

Older Kids: "I Can Trust God because God is Sovereign" Story of Esther:

   Even though God may not be a “character” in this story, He is sovereign over it. Sovereign means having the right, wisdom, and power to do all that He pleases. It means that God has authority, or control, over everything. Nobody else is sovereign besides God. He alone sees what’s ahead.

   Job did not see why certain things were happening in his life or what would happen in the future, but God did and was in charge of it all. Esther did not see why certain things were happening in her life or what would happen in the future, but God did and was in charge of it all. God is good and sovereign, which means that somebody good is in charge.

   God had planned out everything and everyone that would take part in saving the Jews in the story of Esther, and His plans always stand.

   In the same way, God has planned out every day of our lives. Even when it is hard, confusing, or scary, like it was for Esther, we can trust that the perfect Father is in charge of everything. Point out specific parts of the story where God’s sovereignty is obvious in hindsight and make the connection that He is sovereign over our lives as well.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego / "I can trust God because God is good"

Younger Kids Questions (Pre-K-1)

1. What do we call anything that we love more than God? (an idol)

2. Is it ok to love anything more than we love God? (no!)

3. What did King Nebuchadnezzar have made for the people to worship? (a statue of himself that was an idol)

4. When were the people supposed to bow down and worship the idol? (whenever they heard the horn)

5. Did Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego bow down and worship the idol? (no!)

6. How did the King feel when he heard that the three men would not worship the idol? (he was very mad)

7. What happened to the 3 men because they would not bow down and worship the idol? (they were thrown into the fiery furnace)

8. Who took care of the 3 men when they were thrown into the fire? (God!)

9. Who was in charge of the fire? (God! God is in Charge of Everything!)

Older Kids Questions (2nd-5th)

1. How good would you say God is? Why?

2. When is God not good? (He is always good.)

3. When we have hard times, does that mean God is not good? Why do you think that? Is it hard for you to believe that God is good? (God has allowed the world to have evil in it, like in the story of Job, but He is always good.)

4. How long does God’s goodness last? (Forever)

5. What things has God given you that are good things?

6. Who made those things good? (God)

7. Where do all good things come from? (God: He is the only source of good.)

8. Would you want to trust a God who was evil? (Probably not)

9. Finish this sentence: “I can trust God because He is…” (Good)

10. Do you have any questions about trusting God because He is good?

Job / Unchanging God

Younger Kids Questions


1. Who was the man in the story? (Job)

2. Was Job a rich man or a poor man? (Rich)

3. Did Job trust and love God? (Yes)

4. Why did the devil think Job loved God? (because he had lots of stuff)

5. Was the devil right? (No)

6. What did the devil do to Job? (took his stuff away, made him sick)

7. Did Job keep trusting and loving God? (Yes)

Older Kids Questions


1. What are some things that are good when they change?

2. What are some things that are bad when they change?

3. When does God change? (Never)

4. Does He get better? (No, He has always been a perfect Father)

5. Does He change His mind about His promises to His children? (No, never)

6. Does His mood change? (No)

7. Who else is unchanging besides God? (Nobody)

8. Would you want to trust a God who changed all the time? (Probably not)

9. Finish this sentence: “I can trust God because He is…” (Unchanging)

10.Do you have any questions about trusting God because He is unchanging?

Elijah and the Widow / Perfect Father

Younger Kids Review Questions

1. Do you guys remember, what is a miracle? (A miracle is something amazing that shows God’s power.)

2. Why was King Ahab punished by God? (Because the king was very bad. He disobeyed God more than any other king.)

3. How was King Ahab punished? (God made the rain stop. Elijah told him that there would be no rain until Elijah said it would rain.)

4. How did God take care of Elijah when he was in the wilderness? (God told the birds to bring Elijah meat and bread, and the stream brought Elijah water.)

5. What is a widow? (A woman whose husband is dead.)

6. Did the widow in the story have lots of food to share with Elijah? (No. The widow and her little boy were about to die because they did not have enough food.)

7. Why did Elijah ask the poor widow for food? (Because God told him to ask her, and Elijah knew that God is Good.)

8. What happened to the widow’s flour and oil after she gave Elijah some bread? (She had plenty of flour and oil to feed her and her son. Her flour jar and her oil jar did not run out. It was a miracle!) 

Older Kids Review Questions

1. What do you think of when you think of a father?

2.What kind of Father is God? (A perfect Father)

3.Who else is a perfect father? (Nobody, only God is a perfect Father)

4.What does it mean to be perfect? 

5.Who are God’s children? (Those who love and trust Jesus)

6.Can God’s children trust Him only sometimes? (No, they can trust Him all the


7.Why can God’s children always trust Him? (Because He is a perfect Father)

8.What do you think it means to trust God? (To know that everything He says is

always true and right)

9.Where do we find out what God says? (The Bible) When is it hard for you to trust Him?


Younger Kids Review Questions

1. Was David a grown up or a child? (Just a child, not much older than you!)

2. Was Goliath big or small? (He was very, very big!)

3. Why were the Israelites so afraid of Goliath? (Because he was such a big man and was very scary and mean)

4. What did David use the take down Goliath? (he used 5 small stones and a slingshot)

5. Was David able to take down Goliath? (yes!)

6. Who helped David knock Goliath over? (God did! God is Good!)

Older Kids Review Questions


1.     How does a compass work? (It is always pointed North.)

2.     How is the heart like a compass? (It is always pointed towards what it loves)

3.     Where are some places our hearts can be pointed towards? (let them answer)

4.     Where was David’s heart pointed? (towards God)

5.     What happened when David sinned and messed up? (he still ran towards God)

6.     Who helps our hearts compasses be pointed to God? (the Holy Spirit)