Abraham / God's Word to Us

Memory Verse: And (Abraham) believed in the LORD and he counted it to him as righteousness. Genesis 15:6

Younger Kids Review Questions

1.     How were people living without God? (Evil, they were hurting each other and themselves)

2.     Who did God call? (Abram)

3.     What did God ask Abram to do? (To leave his family and his country)

4.     What did God promise he would do for Abram and the world? (Bless him and give him a big family, and bless the whole world through him)

5.     Did Abram mess up a lot and have many problems in his family? (Yes)

6.     What did God still do? (Keep his promises)

7.     What did you learn about God? (varied answers)

8.     Who came from Abram’s family? (Jesus!)

9.     What is the whole Bible about? (God, Jesus)

Older Kids Review Questions

(Jeopardy style review questions)

100 point questions:

1.     How is the Bible DIFFERENT from the game telephone? (It doesn’t change it’s message)

2.     How come the Bible didn’t change over the years for us to hear? (God protected it)

3.     How do we have a relationship with God? (Through Jesus)

200 point questions

1.     What is the Bible? (It is God’s Word, or God speaking to us)

2.     What does the Bible tell us to do? (To have a relationship with God)

300 point question

1. Give me three things all books of the Bible have in common. (It was through prophets, or people who told everyone they were speaking for God.  Each book agrees with everything other parts of the Bible say. It actually changed peoples lives.  And the first people who heard it acknowledged it as the Word of God.  All the books of the Bible have this in common.)