The Red Sea / Weakness and Faith

Memory Verse: “The LORD will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.” Exodus 14:14

Younger Kids Review Questions:

1. We have been learning about a man that loved God and wanted to do what God said.  What was his name? (Moses)

2. God sent Moses to save the people.  What were the Israelites doing in Egypt?  (they were slaves, working for the Egyptians and never getting to leave)

3. God sent many plagues to Egypt to show his power and that he was in charge of everything.  Did Pharaoh want to listen to Moses and obey God at first? (NO!)

4. Finally, Pharaoh listened.  Did he let the Israelites go? (yes!)

5. What did God put in the sky to lead the Israelites? (a cloud in the day and fire at night)

6. While the Israelites were leaving, what was happening with Pharaoh back in Egypt? (Pharaoh changed his mind and decided that he wanted the Israelites to sill be slaves.)

7. How did the Israelites feel when they saw the Egyptians coming after them? (They were very scared)

8. What did God do to save the Israelites? (He made the water part in two and the people walked across on dry land) 

Older Kids Review Questions:

Jeopardy style review questions.

100 point questions:

1.     How many people did the Israelites have vs. the Midianite thousands? (300)

2.     What did the Israelites carry in their hands as they went out to battle? (trumpet and jar)

3.     Before they went to China, who did Pastor Peter and his wife secretly think was going to do all the work? (themselves)

200 point questions:

1.     How does the kingdom of man operate? (trying to do it all on your own strength)

2.     How does the kingdom of God operate? (weakness and faith)

3.     When Pastor Peter and his wife went to China, who did they realize was doing all the actual work? (God)

300 point question:

1.     Why did God decrease the size of the Israelite army? (so they would know the battle belonged to him)

2.     Who became perfectly weak and faithful for us? (Jesus)

3.     What can we do when we are weak? (Go before God in faith)