Review Questions

Younger Kids

1. What are some great things God did for the Israelites so far? (save them from Egypt, opened the Red Sea, gave them food from heaven, sent them meat, their shoes never broke)

2. What did two of the spies share about the Promised Land? (Lots of food, wonderful place)

3. How did ten spies feel about the Promised Land? (They were scared.  They didn’t want to go in)

4. What did the Israelites think after listening to the ten spies? (They got scared too, and they didn’t want to go in)

5. What did the scared Israelites think about God? (God was not strong enough, not loving enough)

6. Who asked God to forgive the people? (Moses)

7. Who died on the cross so God could forgive us? (Jesus)

8. Where is the Promised Land that Jesus is leading us to? (Heaven!)

Older Kids

1.     What kind of person was Abraham?

2.     What are some ways you might feel like a loser? Or are scared of feeling like a loser?  How does God give you hope?

3.     What kind of person was Jacob?

4.     Have any of you ever wrestled with God?

5.     How does God’s story with Jacob give you hope?

6.     What kind of country was Israel?

7.     How does God’s story with Israel give you hope?