Review Questions

Younger Kids Review Questions

1. What did King Balak want Balaam to do to Israel? (Curse God’s people)

2. How did God stop Balaam? (He sent an angel to block the path)

3. What did Balaam do instead? (Bless Israel)

4. What is our biggest curse? (Our sin)

5. How did Jesus turn our biggest curse into a blessing? (He died on the cross and rose again so we could be in God’s family)


Older Kids Review Questions

1.     How are the Israelites small? (Abraham had no kids, Jacob was a liar, Israel was a nation of slaves)

2.     What was God’s original purpose for us humans, his people? (to be his children, his priests)

3.     What does God want us to be like? (holy, perfect)

4.     How were the Israelites sinful?  (Try to remember all of the different ways that were on Psalm 106)

5.     What are the big uncomfortable questions of the Old Testament? (How can a holy God be with a sinful people?  How will God fulfill his purpose in making us his holy, perfect children, when we are so wicked and sinful?  How will God show his glory, not by killing us, but by saving us?  How will he do it?  What will he do to the Israelites?)

6.     How does Jesus answer the big uncomfortable questions of the OT?  (he is how God can be with us, how God saves, how he uses the Israelites)