Younger Kids Review

Older Kids Review Questions

1.     What are the five different parts of the Bible? (Creation, Fall, Israel, Jesus, Church/Future)

2.     What entered into the world when Adam sinned? (sin and death to the world)

3.     What did Jesus bring into the world instead? (life, grace and righteousness to the world)

4.     What did the people of Israel do in the wilderness? (complained about food, water, worshipped other idols, tested God’s patience and grace)

5.     What did Jesus do in the wilderness? (waited for food, did not worship other idols, did not test God’s patience and grace)

6.     What did God promise about King David’s son? (He would be a king forever)

7.     What was the problem with David’s sons? (they all sinned and died)

8.     What family did Jesus come from? (David’s family)

9.     How did Jesus become king? (When he died on the cross and rose again)

10. If Jesus is king, what are we supposed to do with our lives? (give them to God, to be with him and like him)