Review Questions

Younger Kids Questions:

1.     What is the name of the holiday you learned about today? (Day of Atonement)

2.     How many of what animal did you need? (Two goats)

3.     What did all the people of Israel put on the first goat? (their sins)

4.     What happened to the first goat?  (It was killed)

5.     What did all the people of Israel put on the second goat? (their sins)

6.     What happened to the second goat?  (It was kicked out, or sent far, far away)

7.     Who came, once and for all, to take all of our sin? (Jesus)

8.     What happened to Jesus?  (He was killed and was sent far away)

9.     Why don’t we celebrate the Day of Atonement anymore? (Because Jesus is enough.  No more goats are necessary.)

Older Kids Questions:

1.     What is sin? (Choosing our way over God’s way)

2.     How did the serpent make God sound like a killjoy? (not any tree?)

3.     Who’s goodness, wisdom and love were humans rejecting when they ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil?  (God)

4.     How do we know the humans became ashamed because of sin? (they hid their nakedness, they hid from God)

5.     Who did the man blame for his sin?  (God, for giving him the woman)

6.     Who did the woman blame for her sin? (the serpent)

7.     Why did God ask the man where he was? (to show that he is pursuing them)

8.     What did God promise to the woman? (her offspring would be a serpent-killer)

9.     In the midst of sin and death, remembering God’s promise, what did the man name his wife? (Eve or “life”)

10. Even though sin is so bad, why do we have hope? (God breaks in)