Older Kids Review Questions

1.     What was the easy thing God asked the Israelites to do? (Defeat the rest of the Canaanites)

2.     Why was it easy? (God would do all the fighting and win the battles for them)

3.     Did the Israelites do the easy thing God asked them to do? (No)

4.     How are we like the Israelites? (We also don’t even do easy things God asks us to do)

5.     Who is the only person who did all the easy and hard things God asked him to do? (Jesus)

6.     How did Jesus save us from our inability to do anything? (Dying on the cross and rising from the dead)

7.     What is something easy that God is asking you to do that you can ask Jesus to help you with?


Younger Kids Review Questions

1.     How do we know Jesus was king?  (What did he do, how was his entrance into Jerusalem?)

2.     What did Jesus do on Thursday for his disciples?

3.     How is Jesus a special king, unlike other kings?

4.     How does Jesus help us be like him? (how are we like kings? How are we like servants?)