Younger Kids Review Questions

1. Who was the new leader that God gave to the Israelites? (Joshua)

2. God promised to lead the people into a very wonderful land. What was this land called? (The Promised Land)

3. When the Israelites got to the land that God promised them, what did they see around the city? (a giant wall to keep everyone out)

4. Did the Israelites know what they should do about the wall? (no!)

5. How many days did the people march around the giant walls of the city? (7)

6. On the seventh day, what did God tell the Israelites to do? (march around the wall seven times and then make lots and lots of noise!)

7. What happened next? (The wall fell down!)

8. Who was in charge of the wall falling down? (God! God is in Charge of Everything!)

Older Kids Review Questions

1.     What is the last part of the Bible story about?  (The Church)

2.     What is the Church? (God’s family in Jesus Christ)

3.     What are the different types of people in the church (All kinds!)

4.     When the church first started, what was something other people were so surprised? (Really different people were acting like family)

5.     How did all these different people become family? (Jesus saved them and brought them together)

6.     How can we make other people curious about who Jesus is?