David and Saul

Younger Kids Review Questions

1. Who did God send to find the next king? (Samuel)

2. Who did God send Samuel to go see? (Jesse)

3. Jesse tried to guess which son of Jesse was the one God had chosen. Did he guess right? (No)

4. Why didn’t Samuel guess the right son? (Because Samuel only guessed by the way the sons looked)

5. What was the name of the son who was watching the sheep? (David)

6. Did God show Samuel which son God had chosen? (Yes!) Which son was it? (David!)

7. Does God choose people by the way they look or by how strong they are? (No!)

8. How does God choose people? (By the ones who have a heart that loves and trusts in God!)

9. Who gives people a heart that loves and trusts in God? (God!!)

Older Kids Review Questions

1.     What was Israel’s two big problems? (bad leaders in their country and scary enemies outside their country)

2.     What did the people ask for? (a king)

3.     What kind of king did they want? (like the other country’s kings, someone to fight for them and solve their problems)

4.     What was King Saul like? (handsome, rich, tall)

5.     What kind of king did they need? (a king that would lead them to God)

6.     Who is the perfect king and why? (Jesus, he leads us to God by saving us with his death on the cross)