Younger Kids Review Questions

1. Was David a grown up or a child? (Just a child, not much older than you!)

2. Was Goliath big or small? (He was very, very big!)

3. Why were the Israelites so afraid of Goliath? (Because he was such a big man and was very scary and mean)

4. What did David use the take down Goliath? (he used 5 small stones and a slingshot)

5. Was David able to take down Goliath? (yes!)

6. Who helped David knock Goliath over? (God did! God is Good!)

Older Kids Review Questions


1.     How does a compass work? (It is always pointed North.)

2.     How is the heart like a compass? (It is always pointed towards what it loves)

3.     Where are some places our hearts can be pointed towards? (let them answer)

4.     Where was David’s heart pointed? (towards God)

5.     What happened when David sinned and messed up? (he still ran towards God)

6.     Who helps our hearts compasses be pointed to God? (the Holy Spirit)