Elijah and the Widow / Perfect Father

Younger Kids Review Questions

1. Do you guys remember, what is a miracle? (A miracle is something amazing that shows God’s power.)

2. Why was King Ahab punished by God? (Because the king was very bad. He disobeyed God more than any other king.)

3. How was King Ahab punished? (God made the rain stop. Elijah told him that there would be no rain until Elijah said it would rain.)

4. How did God take care of Elijah when he was in the wilderness? (God told the birds to bring Elijah meat and bread, and the stream brought Elijah water.)

5. What is a widow? (A woman whose husband is dead.)

6. Did the widow in the story have lots of food to share with Elijah? (No. The widow and her little boy were about to die because they did not have enough food.)

7. Why did Elijah ask the poor widow for food? (Because God told him to ask her, and Elijah knew that God is Good.)

8. What happened to the widow’s flour and oil after she gave Elijah some bread? (She had plenty of flour and oil to feed her and her son. Her flour jar and her oil jar did not run out. It was a miracle!) 

Older Kids Review Questions

1. What do you think of when you think of a father?

2.What kind of Father is God? (A perfect Father)

3.Who else is a perfect father? (Nobody, only God is a perfect Father)

4.What does it mean to be perfect? 

5.Who are God’s children? (Those who love and trust Jesus)

6.Can God’s children trust Him only sometimes? (No, they can trust Him all the


7.Why can God’s children always trust Him? (Because He is a perfect Father)

8.What do you think it means to trust God? (To know that everything He says is

always true and right)

9.Where do we find out what God says? (The Bible) When is it hard for you to trust Him?