Samuel and Judges

Younger Kids Questions

1. What was the name of the woman in our story today? (Hannah)

2. Hannah was very sad about something. Why was Hannah sad? (because she wanted to have a baby but God had not given her a child)

3. When Hannah was sad, what did she do? (she talked with God)

4. What did Hannah ask God for? (a child)

5. Did God give Hannah a child? (yes!)

6. What was his name? (Samuel)

7. Did Hannah give Samuel back to God? (yes!)

8. Samuel went to live in the temple with Eli to serve God. One night when Samuel was sleeping, what did he hear? (a voice)

9. Who did Samuel think was talking to him? (Eli0

10. Who was talking to Samuel while he was sleeping? (God!)

Older Kids Questions

1.     What happened because Israel had no king? (No one was listening to God.)

2.     How did Gideon mess up? (he made an ephod that the people started to worship)

3.     How did Samson mess up? (sinned like all the others)

4.     How did Jephthah mess up? (sacrificed his daughter)

5.     Who is our perfect king? (Jesus)

6.     Why is Jesus our perfect king? (He died for us, conquered death, and helps us love and know God and show others about God)