Job / Unchanging God

Younger Kids Questions


1. Who was the man in the story? (Job)

2. Was Job a rich man or a poor man? (Rich)

3. Did Job trust and love God? (Yes)

4. Why did the devil think Job loved God? (because he had lots of stuff)

5. Was the devil right? (No)

6. What did the devil do to Job? (took his stuff away, made him sick)

7. Did Job keep trusting and loving God? (Yes)

Older Kids Questions


1. What are some things that are good when they change?

2. What are some things that are bad when they change?

3. When does God change? (Never)

4. Does He get better? (No, He has always been a perfect Father)

5. Does He change His mind about His promises to His children? (No, never)

6. Does His mood change? (No)

7. Who else is unchanging besides God? (Nobody)

8. Would you want to trust a God who changed all the time? (Probably not)

9. Finish this sentence: “I can trust God because He is…” (Unchanging)

10.Do you have any questions about trusting God because He is unchanging?