Jonah / Powerful God

Older Kids Questions

1. Is it hard for you to believe that God is powerful? Why/why not?

2. Is it a good or bad thing that God has great power over everything? Why/why not?(Good – There are many strong things in the world that are scary or not good, but God is stronger than all of them, and His power is always good because He is always good.)

3. Finish this sentence for me: I can trust God because He is... (Powerful)

4. Can anybody name the different attributes we’ve talked about so far? (Perfect Father, Unchanging, Good, Sovereign, Powerful) 

Younger Kids Questions

During review time, the students pretended they were Jonah and answered from his point of view.

·      Why did God want you to go to Nineveh?

·      Did God love the people of Nineveh?

·      Why didn’t you want to go to Nineveh?

·      Did you love the people of Nineveh?

·      What did you do instead of going to Nineveh?

·      What happened on the boat?

·      What did the sailors try to do about the storm?

·      What did you know had to be done about the storm?

·      How did you feel when you were thrown into the sea?

·      Who sent the big fish to swallow you?

·      Describe what it felt like in the stomach of the fish. What did it smell like?

·      What did you pray while you were inside the big fish?

·      How many days were you inside the fish?

·      What happened after three days?

·      What did you do then?

·      What message did you give the people in Nineveh?

·      Did the people in Nineveh listen to you?