Ezra and Nehemiah / Loving God

Younger Kids Review Activity:

Ask kids to silently act out various parts of the story:

1.     Ezra and Nehemiah reading the rules of God. Everyone listening crying and being sad. (Pick two people to be Ezra and Nehemiah)

2.     Having a party when they heard God’s promise

Older Kids Review Questions

1. Do you believe that God is loving? Why/why not? How has He been loving in your life?

2. Is God only loving sometimes? (No, He is unchanging and loving all the time.)

3. Who can tell me something that is stronger than the love of God? (There is absolutely nothing.) 

4. Does anybody know the greatest, most loving thing God has done for His children? (Sent Jesus to die on the cross to take the punishment for sin and raise to life again)

5. Even though Jesus is in heaven with the Father now, do you think He is still loving and able to see and understand when those who love and trust Him are hurting? (Yes – He knows everything and is just as close to us as He was to Martha, Mary, and Lazarus.)

6. Martha and Mary both told Jesus that if He had been there, Lazarus would not have died. Are there ever times you feel like saying to Jesus, “If you had only been here!” like they did?

7. God’s plans are different and better than ours. Did Jesus stop Lazarus from dying? (No – He let Lazarus die and then brought him back to life because that is how Jesus was most glorified)

8. Finish this sentence for me: “I can trust God because He is...”(Loving)

9. Does anybody have any questions about trusting God because He is loving?