Hallowed Be Thy Name / When I trust God, I can repent

Older Kids Questions

1. Do you feel like you understand what it means to repent? (Confess your sin and turn away from it to follow Jesus)

2. What happens to a sinner after they repent? (They are forgiven by God’s grace and saved from punishment, guilt, sin, and death; their lives and hearts change and they follow Jesus)

3. Finish this sentence: “When I trust God I...”(repent)

4. Does anybody have any questions about trusting God and repentance?

Younger Kids Questions

Mini Point 1: To hallow God’s name means to honor it as holy.

1. (Use the diagram provided) Can anybody tell me what we learned last week about prayer? Who do God’s children pray to?The Father

2. Who made the connection between the Father and His children? Jesus, the Son

3. Who helps the children of God in prayer? How? The Holy Spirit. He takes our weak prayers and makes them strong

4. What did you think about large group today? Was there anything surprising/confusing?

Open and read Matthew 6: 9

This, then, is how you should pray: "'Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name...”

5. Who is talking in this verse? What is He talking about? Jesus; He is teaching about prayer

6. When Jesus says, “hallowed be Your name”, what kind of prayer do you think He’s praying: praise, thanksgiving, confession or request?Request 5. What is the first thing Jesus requests in this prayer? For God’s name to be hallowed

7. What does it mean to hallow God’s name? To honor it as holy – It is a request for God’s name to be glorified

8. What does it mean to “glorify” God’s name? To show, honor and enjoy it as most valuable

10. Why does God’s name deserve to hallowed?

Because He alone is holy, glorious, and worthy of worship and honor.

11. What do you think it means in your life to honor God’s name? (*Leaders: spend time on this one discussing examples of what it means personally to give glory to God in proclaiming the name of Jesus*)

12. Review mini point 1: To hallow God’s name means to honor it as holy.


Mini Point 2: Jesus wanted and requested the Father’s glory.

We are going to read something Jesus said when it was almost time for Him to go to the cross. Open and read John 17: 1After Jesus said this, he looked toward heaven and prayed: "Father, the time has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you.”

1. What did Jesus ask the Father to do? To glorify Him so that He might glorify the Father.

2. Do you think Jesus just asked for the Father’s glory because He felt like He had to or because He really wanted it? He really wanted it

3. Why do you think Jesus wanted and requested the Father’s glory? Jesus knew the best thing was for the Father to be shown, honored, and enjoyed as most valuable. When God is most glorified, His children are most joyful. God’s children know that God’s glory is the best thing for them. They love Him and want to see Him loved even more.