Abraham and Isaac / When I trust God I am forgiven

Younger Kids Questions

1.     What did God promise to Abraham about his child? (All families would be blessed through his child)

2.     Why didn’t Abraham and Sarah really believe God would give them a son? (They were very old. Sarah was 89 and Abraham was 99.)

3.     What did God ask Abraham to do to his own son? (To sacrifice him)

4.     How did God provide the sacrifice to Abraham? (He provided a ram)

5.     What did God ask his own son, Jesus, to do? (To sacrifice himself)

Older Kids Questions

1. What is forgiveness? (Releasing some one from their wrong)

2. Do you believe that God’s love is strong enough to forgive yours in when you trust Him? Why?

3. Do you know what grace is?(A free gift you don’t deserve)

4. What is the grace that God gives sinners who love and trust Jesus? (Forgiveness of sin – removal of guilt and punishment and a relationship with Him)

5. Finish this sentence form: “When I trust God, I am...”(Forgiven)

6. Does anybody have any questions about God’s forgiveness?