4 Types of Prayer / Attentive God

Younger Kids Review Questions

1.     What are some things when you think of prayer?

2.     What is prayer? (It is when God and his children talk)

3.     Who can tell me the 4 types of prayer? (Praise, thanksgiving, confession, request)

4.     (Read Psalm 150) Which one is this Psalm showing us?  (Praise)

5.     Why is God worthy to be praised?

6.     (Read Psalm 118:21) Which one is this? (Thanksgiving)

7.     All good things come from God. What are some other things we can thank him for?

8.     (Read Psalm 32:5) Which one is this? (Confession)

9.     God does not want his children to keep quiet about their sin. What does God do when we confess? Does He punish us? (He forgives, or releases us from our wrong. He disciplines all of his children, which means that he teaches and trains them to be like Jesus because he is a loving father. But he does not punish his children because the punishment for sin is death and Jesus took that punishment. So when sinners love and trust Jesus, they are forgiven, trained, and helped instead of punished. He helps his children want to follow him instead of sin)

10. (Read Psalm 27:4) Which one is this? (Request)

11.  What is the psalm asking for? (to always be with God, seeing how beautiful he is)

12. Do we demand selfish things from God? (No, we have humble hearts that trust God to do what is best)

Older Kids Review Questions

1. What does it mean that God is attentive? (He always pays attention to His children.)
2. Is God only attentive sometimes? (No, He never changes. He always pays attention to His children.)
3. Who created you and knows everything about you better than anybody does? (God)
4. When you pray, do you believe that God pays attention? (*Leaders, spend time on this question.*)
5. When you have times like Hagar did, who can you remember is paying attention to you? (God)
6. Finish this sentence: “I can trust God because He is...”(Attentive)
7. Does anybody have any questions about trusting God because He is attentive?