Passover / When I trust God, I can tell the truth about sin

Older Kids Questions

1. Have you ever experienced a time when it was better to tell the truth, even if it was hard?

2. Why do you think trusting God help us tell the truth about sin?

3. What happens after you tell the truth about sin?(Freedom, healing, help, forgiveness, etc.)

4. Finish this sentence: “When I trust God, I can...”(Tell the truth about sin)

5. Does anybody have any questions about telling the truth about sin or want to tell the truth about anything? (**Leaders if your kids do have things to tell the truth about, guide them through prayer focusing on the forgiveness God gives us and we give others. If there is anything confessed that staff needs to know about, please make that known.**)

Younger Kids Questions

1. How did God show everyone He was God? (Ten plagues of Egypt)

2. During the final plague, what did God say the Angel of Death would do? (Kill every firstborn child)

3. What kept the Israelites safe? (Listening to the command of the blood of the lamb on the door)

4. Who is called the Lamb of God? (Jesus)

5. What keeps us safe, protected and free? (Jesus’ death and resurrection)