Manna / When I trust God I don't have to be afraid

Younger Kids Questions

1. Where did the Israelites go after being freed from slavery in Egypt? (The Wilderness)

2. What were they complaining about? (Missed being slaves in Egypt, ate better food as slaves, that God wanted to kill them in the wilderness)

3. How did God show his love and power in the wilderness? (Gave them manna, quail, and water in the wilderness)

4. What did Jesus say he was? (The living bread that came down from heaven)

5. How does God provide for us a way out of sin and death? (He sent Jesus to die and come back to life for us)

Older Kids Questions

1. Earlier Ms. Tania asked you about the times you were afraid. How are those times like the storm that came when the disciples were on the boat? (Big, scary, etc.)

2. What can you remember when you’re feeling afraid? (God is powerful and attentive, etc.)

3. What can you do instead of being afraid? (Trust Jesus, pray, talk to someone, write, read the Bible, etc.)

4. Does trusting God mean that no scary times will come? (No, it means He will be with you through it all)

5. Does anybody have any questions about trusting God instead of being afraid?

6. Finish this sentence for me: “When I trust God, I don’t have to be...” (Afraid)