12 Spies / When I trust God, I don't have to be angry

Younger Kids Questions

1. What did the spies see in the Promised Land? (milk and honey, beautiful)

2. What did the scared Israelites think about God? (God wasn’t strong enough, God was not loving enough)

3. Who asked God to forgive the people? (Moses)

4. Who died on the cross so God could forgive us? (Jesus)

5. Where is the Promised Land that Jesus is leading us to? (Heaven, in God’s presence)

Older Kids Questions

1. Is anger only when you yell/fight, or can it just be quiet and in your heart? (It can be quiet and in your heart)

2. Was it good for Jonah to be angry? (No) Is it good for us to be angry? (No)

3. How soon does God want us to deal with our anger when we get angry? (Right away)

4. Is it sinful to feel angry, or is it what you do with your anger? (It’s what you do with your anger)

5. Do you think you may have to sometimes forgive someone who hasn’t even said sorry? (Yes)

6. Why don’t God’s children have to be angry when they trust Him? (Because He is not angry with them; His anger toward sin went on the cross with Jesus instead of on them; they can trust Him to work justice on their behalf)

7. What can you do when it feels impossible to not be angry? (Pray, talk with someone about it, read the Bible, write about it, etc.)

8. Does anybody have and questions?

9. Finish this sentence for me: “When I trust God, I don’t have to be...” (Angry)