Joseph / When I trust God, I can forgive others

Younger Kids Questions

1. What did Joseph’s brothers do to Joseph?

2. What was hard about living in Egypt for Joseph?

3. Why did Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt?

4. How did Joseph help them?

5. How did God use Jesus’ death on cross for good?

Older Kids Questions

1. What is forgiveness?(Releasing someone from their wrong)

2. When a sinner trusts God and He forgives them, what can that sinner then do for others? (Forgive them)

3. Does forgiving somebody mean that what they did was not wrong? (No–it means it was wrong but you are releasing them from their wrong)

4. What do you think it is like to release someone from their wrong? (To not be angry with them in your heart, but to forgive them as you’ve been forgiven)

5. Can you forgive someone who does not say sorry?(Yes–you can ask God to help your heart not be angry, to help that person confess their sin and turn away from it to follow Jesus, and to protect you from being hurt by their sin)

This is the same forgiveness Jesus gives sinners. Open and read Luke23:34, after  giving context.

6. Finish this sentence for me, “When I trust God, I can...”(Forgive)

7. Does anybody have any questions about forgiving others?