Curses into Blessings / When I trust God... Review

Younger Kids Review Questions:

1. What did King Balak want Balaam to do to Israel? (Curse Israel)

2. How did God stop Balaam? (Send an angel with a fiery sword, cause Balaam’s donkey to speak)

3. What did Balaam do instead? (Bless Israel)

4. What is our biggest curse? (Sin and death)

5. How did Jesus turn our biggest curse into a blessing? (He died for our sins so we could be in God’s family)

Older Kids Review

The kids reviewed two questions we've been learning for the past 14 weeks: "Why do we trust God?" And "What does it look like to trust God?" Please feel free to go over and review any of these with your kids!

We trust God because he is: a Perfect Father, Never Changing, Good, Sovereign, Powerful, Loving, Attentive, and a Redeemer.

When we trust God, we: Repent, Are Forgiven, Can Forgive Others, Can tell the truth about sin, Don't have to be afraid, and Don't have to be angry