Incomprehensible / All Have Sinned

Younger Kids Questions

1. What does "Incomprehensible" mean? (More than we can fully understand)

2. What does it mean for us that God is more than we can fully understand? However, can we still know enough about him to trust him? (Yes!)

3. In what ways does God help us learn more about who He is? (through the Bible, seeing what he has made and done, answers to prayers, testimonies of other Christians, etc.)

4. What is a "know-it-all"? Can any of us be a "know-it-all" about God? (No)

5. Do you want to understand more about who God is and what he is like? Why or why not? Why is it important we learn about who God is?

6. Have you ever been amazed by something you have seen? (i.e. beautiful sunset) How do you respond to something amazing, that's too wonderful to completely understand? How should we respond to the "more than we can understand" greatness of God?

7. How can you respond to the greatness of God this week?

8. When God allows things to happen that are hard to hard to understand, even things that make us sad, is it right to think we will always be able to understand why God is allowing those things to happen? What did Job find out from God?

9. How can we trust God when sad things happen? Would it be easier to trust God when we know him more or less? Why would it be easier to trust God if we know more about what he is like?

10. How can you learn more about God this week? Is there something you would like to know about God that would help you with a hard situation? How can we pray about this situation?

Older Kids Questions

1. If you met the rich young man, would he appear to be a well-behaved, obedient, nice person? According to Jesus, would this help him earn eternal life? Why not?

2. What didn't the young man see about himself, his heart, and God's holy and righteous commands?

3. What do God's commands show you about your own heart? For example, the first command calls us to love and treasure God most of all. Do you always do that? Would you be like the young man and say, "Yes, I do that"?

4. Is there anything in your life that shows that you sometimes treasure other things more? For example, how much time do you spend playing computer games compared to how much you spend time reading the Bible or praying? Or do you always honor your parents?

5. Read and discuss Romans 3:20. If you look carefully at God's law, what will it show you? Are you trying to be righteous by trying to be really good? Will it work? Why not?

6. Another way to look at Romans 3:20 is "For all have sinned and fall short of treasuring the greatness and worth of God." What does this mean? Do you love your friends or watching TV more than spending time with God?

7. Read Romans 5:12, 19a. Are we born that way, or did we learn to sin as we grew up? Who was this "one man"? (Adam; we were sinners even while growing in our mother's womb!)

8. Review Romans 6:23a: What does the Bible mean by "death" in this verse? So is sin a big deal? Should I care about eternal life and how I can receive it? Can I get it through any good thing that I can do? Is this problem too big for you or me to solve? Did Jesus have an answer for the young man? What was it? Did the man accept it? Will you accept it?

9. How does it make you feel that you cannot earn eternal life? Is there hope for helpless sinners?