YHWH / Jesus, God's Holy and Righteous Son

Younger Kids Questions

What would you think if someone came into our class, and when we asked what his name is, he wouldn’t tell us? Would you think that he wanted us to get to know him? Would you think he wanted to be our friend? Why not? Why is it important for someone to tell us his name? How can knowing that God has a personal name that He shares with us, help us to better understand that He is real, and that He cares for us and wants us to love Him? Is it sometimes hard for you to feel that Yahweh is real? In what ways does Yahweh show us that He is real and cares for us?

What kinds of things should come to mind when we think of Yahweh? What kind of things describe what He is like? 

Why will we trust in God when we know His name? Does it mean that if I know that God’s name is spelled YHWH, I will trust Him? Does it mean that if I know that God’s name is pronounced “Yahweh,” I will trust Him? 

Do you know someone who doesn’t know and trust in God’s name? What should we do when someone doesn’t know Yahweh? How could you or I tell them about Yahweh, the one true God? What kinds of things should people know about Yahweh? Can you think of some Bible verses that would be helpful?  

Older Kids Questions

Why is it important to know that Jesus is fully God? Does it really matter? Why? Is there anything that Jesus cannot do? Is there anything that you are hoping that Jesus can do for you? What? 

ow can knowing that Jesus had a real body and human feelings and emotions help us? Choose a child to read Hebrews 2:17-18 and Hebrews 4:15. What do these verses tell us about the importance of Jesus being a human just like us? Has there been a difficult time when you felt that no one could understand what you were feeling? Can Jesus sympathize with you? Why? Did Jesus have the same temptations as you? But did He ever sin? How do you think that He can help us when we are tempted? 

When you read about Jesus in the Bible—His words and actions—do you picture Him as a real person who actually lived, breathed, ate, and slept, or does He seem unreal to you? If He doesn’t seem real to you, do you know why He doesn’t? As you read and think about Jesus, do you see Him as fully God? Do you think that it was hard for some people in Jesus’ day to believe that He really was God? Why? Is it hard for some people now to believe that He is truly God? Can you think of any Bible verses where Jesus says that He is God? 

Did the disciples understand how Jesus could be both fully human and fully God? Were they sometimes confused by what Jesus said and did? Did they come to understand Jesus better over time? Ask: How can this encourage you? Is it hard for you to understand how Jesus could be both God and human? Do you think that as you grow up, God can help you to better understand who Jesus is? [Point out that not even adults fully understand this—it will remain somewhat of a mystery to us.] 

Because Jesus was a perfect law keeper, did He fulfill God’s demands for gaining eternal life? Is that important for you and me? Why? Read Romans 5:19. What does this verse mean? Who is the one man who will make many righteous? How can He do that?