Questions / Made in God's Image

Younger Kids Questions

Ask them what the important questions they learned today were (Who is God? What is he like? How should I act toward him?)

-Read the memory verse (Isaiah 46:9b) with them and ask them who God is (he is God) and what he is like (there is no one like him).

Older Kids Questions

1.     Could a dog or ape respond to God when reading the Bible?  Why not?

2.     Do you respond to God like this?

3.     Do you believe there is no one like God?

4.     If you were to get an A on a writing assignment, what kind of thoughts would glorify God? Being proud of yourself and bragging, or thinking about good God is to you and being thankful to him?

5.     Why is it so hard to show that God is great instead of wanting to show how great we are?

6.     What is holiness? What is righteousness?

7.     What would you receive for living out these verses all the time? (Eternal life)

8.     Do you think you can receive eternal life in this way? Why or why not?

9.     Why does perfect holiness and righteousness matter to God? Can unholy, unrighteous people live with God in his presence and have happiness forever? Why not? If you fail to be righteous and holy, what is the consequence? Does this matter to you?