David and Saul

Younger Kids Review Questions

1. Who did God send to find the next king? (Samuel)

2. Who did God send Samuel to go see? (Jesse)

3. Jesse tried to guess which son of Jesse was the one God had chosen. Did he guess right? (No)

4. Why didn’t Samuel guess the right son? (Because Samuel only guessed by the way the sons looked)

5. What was the name of the son who was watching the sheep? (David)

6. Did God show Samuel which son God had chosen? (Yes!) Which son was it? (David!)

7. Does God choose people by the way they look or by how strong they are? (No!)

8. How does God choose people? (By the ones who have a heart that loves and trusts in God!)

9. Who gives people a heart that loves and trusts in God? (God!!)

Older Kids Review Questions

1.     What was Israel’s two big problems? (bad leaders in their country and scary enemies outside their country)

2.     What did the people ask for? (a king)

3.     What kind of king did they want? (like the other country’s kings, someone to fight for them and solve their problems)

4.     What was King Saul like? (handsome, rich, tall)

5.     What kind of king did they need? (a king that would lead them to God)

6.     Who is the perfect king and why? (Jesus, he leads us to God by saving us with his death on the cross)

Samuel and Judges

Younger Kids Questions

1. What was the name of the woman in our story today? (Hannah)

2. Hannah was very sad about something. Why was Hannah sad? (because she wanted to have a baby but God had not given her a child)

3. When Hannah was sad, what did she do? (she talked with God)

4. What did Hannah ask God for? (a child)

5. Did God give Hannah a child? (yes!)

6. What was his name? (Samuel)

7. Did Hannah give Samuel back to God? (yes!)

8. Samuel went to live in the temple with Eli to serve God. One night when Samuel was sleeping, what did he hear? (a voice)

9. Who did Samuel think was talking to him? (Eli0

10. Who was talking to Samuel while he was sleeping? (God!)

Older Kids Questions

1.     What happened because Israel had no king? (No one was listening to God.)

2.     How did Gideon mess up? (he made an ephod that the people started to worship)

3.     How did Samson mess up? (sinned like all the others)

4.     How did Jephthah mess up? (sacrificed his daughter)

5.     Who is our perfect king? (Jesus)

6.     Why is Jesus our perfect king? (He died for us, conquered death, and helps us love and know God and show others about God)

Older Kids Review Questions

1.     What was the easy thing God asked the Israelites to do? (Defeat the rest of the Canaanites)

2.     Why was it easy? (God would do all the fighting and win the battles for them)

3.     Did the Israelites do the easy thing God asked them to do? (No)

4.     How are we like the Israelites? (We also don’t even do easy things God asks us to do)

5.     Who is the only person who did all the easy and hard things God asked him to do? (Jesus)

6.     How did Jesus save us from our inability to do anything? (Dying on the cross and rising from the dead)

7.     What is something easy that God is asking you to do that you can ask Jesus to help you with?


Younger Kids Review Questions

1.     How do we know Jesus was king?  (What did he do, how was his entrance into Jerusalem?)

2.     What did Jesus do on Thursday for his disciples?

3.     How is Jesus a special king, unlike other kings?

4.     How does Jesus help us be like him? (how are we like kings? How are we like servants?)


Younger Kids Review Questions

1.     What did the Israelites start worshipping instead of God? (idols)

2.     Who was bullying the Israelites and taking everything they had? (Midianites)

3.     Who did God call to fight the Midianites? (Gideon)

4.     Was Gideon the strongest in his family or was he the weakest? (The weakest)

5.     Did God make Gideon’s army bigger or smaller? (Smaller)

6.     God’s army didn’t run with swords, what did they run with? (Trumpets and torches)

7.     Who won the battle against the Midianites? (God!)

8.     What was the most impossible thing God did through Jesus to save us? (Died on the cross and rose from the dead!)

Younger Kids Review Questions

1. Who was the new leader that God gave to the Israelites? (Joshua)

2. God promised to lead the people into a very wonderful land. What was this land called? (The Promised Land)

3. When the Israelites got to the land that God promised them, what did they see around the city? (a giant wall to keep everyone out)

4. Did the Israelites know what they should do about the wall? (no!)

5. How many days did the people march around the giant walls of the city? (7)

6. On the seventh day, what did God tell the Israelites to do? (march around the wall seven times and then make lots and lots of noise!)

7. What happened next? (The wall fell down!)

8. Who was in charge of the wall falling down? (God! God is in Charge of Everything!)

Older Kids Review Questions

1.     What is the last part of the Bible story about?  (The Church)

2.     What is the Church? (God’s family in Jesus Christ)

3.     What are the different types of people in the church (All kinds!)

4.     When the church first started, what was something other people were so surprised? (Really different people were acting like family)

5.     How did all these different people become family? (Jesus saved them and brought them together)

6.     How can we make other people curious about who Jesus is?

Younger Kids Review

Older Kids Review Questions

1.     What are the five different parts of the Bible? (Creation, Fall, Israel, Jesus, Church/Future)

2.     What entered into the world when Adam sinned? (sin and death to the world)

3.     What did Jesus bring into the world instead? (life, grace and righteousness to the world)

4.     What did the people of Israel do in the wilderness? (complained about food, water, worshipped other idols, tested God’s patience and grace)

5.     What did Jesus do in the wilderness? (waited for food, did not worship other idols, did not test God’s patience and grace)

6.     What did God promise about King David’s son? (He would be a king forever)

7.     What was the problem with David’s sons? (they all sinned and died)

8.     What family did Jesus come from? (David’s family)

9.     How did Jesus become king? (When he died on the cross and rose again)

10. If Jesus is king, what are we supposed to do with our lives? (give them to God, to be with him and like him)

Review Questions

Younger Kids Review Questions

1. What did King Balak want Balaam to do to Israel? (Curse God’s people)

2. How did God stop Balaam? (He sent an angel to block the path)

3. What did Balaam do instead? (Bless Israel)

4. What is our biggest curse? (Our sin)

5. How did Jesus turn our biggest curse into a blessing? (He died on the cross and rose again so we could be in God’s family)


Older Kids Review Questions

1.     How are the Israelites small? (Abraham had no kids, Jacob was a liar, Israel was a nation of slaves)

2.     What was God’s original purpose for us humans, his people? (to be his children, his priests)

3.     What does God want us to be like? (holy, perfect)

4.     How were the Israelites sinful?  (Try to remember all of the different ways that were on Psalm 106)

5.     What are the big uncomfortable questions of the Old Testament? (How can a holy God be with a sinful people?  How will God fulfill his purpose in making us his holy, perfect children, when we are so wicked and sinful?  How will God show his glory, not by killing us, but by saving us?  How will he do it?  What will he do to the Israelites?)

6.     How does Jesus answer the big uncomfortable questions of the OT?  (he is how God can be with us, how God saves, how he uses the Israelites) 

Review Questions

Younger Kids

1. What are some great things God did for the Israelites so far? (save them from Egypt, opened the Red Sea, gave them food from heaven, sent them meat, their shoes never broke)

2. What did two of the spies share about the Promised Land? (Lots of food, wonderful place)

3. How did ten spies feel about the Promised Land? (They were scared.  They didn’t want to go in)

4. What did the Israelites think after listening to the ten spies? (They got scared too, and they didn’t want to go in)

5. What did the scared Israelites think about God? (God was not strong enough, not loving enough)

6. Who asked God to forgive the people? (Moses)

7. Who died on the cross so God could forgive us? (Jesus)

8. Where is the Promised Land that Jesus is leading us to? (Heaven!)

Older Kids

1.     What kind of person was Abraham?

2.     What are some ways you might feel like a loser? Or are scared of feeling like a loser?  How does God give you hope?

3.     What kind of person was Jacob?

4.     Have any of you ever wrestled with God?

5.     How does God’s story with Jacob give you hope?

6.     What kind of country was Israel?

7.     How does God’s story with Israel give you hope?

Review Questions

Younger Kids Questions:

1.     What is the name of the holiday you learned about today? (Day of Atonement)

2.     How many of what animal did you need? (Two goats)

3.     What did all the people of Israel put on the first goat? (their sins)

4.     What happened to the first goat?  (It was killed)

5.     What did all the people of Israel put on the second goat? (their sins)

6.     What happened to the second goat?  (It was kicked out, or sent far, far away)

7.     Who came, once and for all, to take all of our sin? (Jesus)

8.     What happened to Jesus?  (He was killed and was sent far away)

9.     Why don’t we celebrate the Day of Atonement anymore? (Because Jesus is enough.  No more goats are necessary.)

Older Kids Questions:

1.     What is sin? (Choosing our way over God’s way)

2.     How did the serpent make God sound like a killjoy? (not any tree?)

3.     Who’s goodness, wisdom and love were humans rejecting when they ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil?  (God)

4.     How do we know the humans became ashamed because of sin? (they hid their nakedness, they hid from God)

5.     Who did the man blame for his sin?  (God, for giving him the woman)

6.     Who did the woman blame for her sin? (the serpent)

7.     Why did God ask the man where he was? (to show that he is pursuing them)

8.     What did God promise to the woman? (her offspring would be a serpent-killer)

9.     In the midst of sin and death, remembering God’s promise, what did the man name his wife? (Eve or “life”)

10. Even though sin is so bad, why do we have hope? (God breaks in)

Today's Lessons!

Younger Kids Review Questions:

1. What are some of the ways that God took care of his people, the Israelites? (he saved them from being slaves, he made the water split in 2 so that they could walk on dry land)

2. What is the name of the mountain they went to after God split the Red Sea? (Mt. Sinai)

3. What promises did God make to the Israelites? (To love them, protect them, bless them, and be with them)

4. What are the things God asked us to do called? (Commandments)

5. Who can remember some of the first ten commandments? (give them a chance to answer; it’s okay if they don’t remember all of them)

6. Did the Israelites keep the commandments? (No)

7. Do we keep the commandments? (No)

8. But God did not stop loving us.  Who did he send to keep all the commandments for us? (Jesus!)
9. How come we get to be with God even if we broke all the rules?  (Jesus died on the cross for us!)

Memory Verse:  For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome. 1 John 5:13

Older Kids Review Questions:

Jeopardy style review questions.

100 point questions:

1.     What are three ways God is good? (knows everything, owns everything, can do anything, loves us, etc.)

2.     Who were we made to look, act, and be like? (God)

200 point questions:

1.     How should we treat other people if we know they are made in the image of God? (with respect, kindness and love)

2.     How should we think of our lives if we know we were made in the image of God? (we were made to do really great things!)

300 point question:

1.     How is the image of God broken when we sin?

2.     Two part question: Who made it possible for us to go back to reflecting the image of God again?  How did he do it?

The Red Sea / Weakness and Faith

Memory Verse: “The LORD will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.” Exodus 14:14

Younger Kids Review Questions:

1. We have been learning about a man that loved God and wanted to do what God said.  What was his name? (Moses)

2. God sent Moses to save the people.  What were the Israelites doing in Egypt?  (they were slaves, working for the Egyptians and never getting to leave)

3. God sent many plagues to Egypt to show his power and that he was in charge of everything.  Did Pharaoh want to listen to Moses and obey God at first? (NO!)

4. Finally, Pharaoh listened.  Did he let the Israelites go? (yes!)

5. What did God put in the sky to lead the Israelites? (a cloud in the day and fire at night)

6. While the Israelites were leaving, what was happening with Pharaoh back in Egypt? (Pharaoh changed his mind and decided that he wanted the Israelites to sill be slaves.)

7. How did the Israelites feel when they saw the Egyptians coming after them? (They were very scared)

8. What did God do to save the Israelites? (He made the water part in two and the people walked across on dry land) 

Older Kids Review Questions:

Jeopardy style review questions.

100 point questions:

1.     How many people did the Israelites have vs. the Midianite thousands? (300)

2.     What did the Israelites carry in their hands as they went out to battle? (trumpet and jar)

3.     Before they went to China, who did Pastor Peter and his wife secretly think was going to do all the work? (themselves)

200 point questions:

1.     How does the kingdom of man operate? (trying to do it all on your own strength)

2.     How does the kingdom of God operate? (weakness and faith)

3.     When Pastor Peter and his wife went to China, who did they realize was doing all the actual work? (God)

300 point question:

1.     Why did God decrease the size of the Israelite army? (so they would know the battle belonged to him)

2.     Who became perfectly weak and faithful for us? (Jesus)

3.     What can we do when we are weak? (Go before God in faith)

Abraham / God's Word to Us

Memory Verse: And (Abraham) believed in the LORD and he counted it to him as righteousness. Genesis 15:6

Younger Kids Review Questions

1.     How were people living without God? (Evil, they were hurting each other and themselves)

2.     Who did God call? (Abram)

3.     What did God ask Abram to do? (To leave his family and his country)

4.     What did God promise he would do for Abram and the world? (Bless him and give him a big family, and bless the whole world through him)

5.     Did Abram mess up a lot and have many problems in his family? (Yes)

6.     What did God still do? (Keep his promises)

7.     What did you learn about God? (varied answers)

8.     Who came from Abram’s family? (Jesus!)

9.     What is the whole Bible about? (God, Jesus)

Older Kids Review Questions

(Jeopardy style review questions)

100 point questions:

1.     How is the Bible DIFFERENT from the game telephone? (It doesn’t change it’s message)

2.     How come the Bible didn’t change over the years for us to hear? (God protected it)

3.     How do we have a relationship with God? (Through Jesus)

200 point questions

1.     What is the Bible? (It is God’s Word, or God speaking to us)

2.     What does the Bible tell us to do? (To have a relationship with God)

300 point question

1. Give me three things all books of the Bible have in common. (It was through prophets, or people who told everyone they were speaking for God.  Each book agrees with everything other parts of the Bible say. It actually changed peoples lives.  And the first people who heard it acknowledged it as the Word of God.  All the books of the Bible have this in common.)

What is the Bible?

Memory Verse:  “Every word of God proves true; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.” Proverbs 30:5

Younger Kids Review Questions

1.     Was the Bible written a long time ago or recently?

2.     How many languages was it written in?

3.     How many languages is it in now?

4.     What are the three things the Bible is good for? (Help us know God, encourage us as we follow Jesus, and teach us how to live on earth)

Older Kids Review Questions:

1. What is God communicating with us through the Bible? (Who he is, how much He loves us and wants us to have a relationship with him)

2. How is your life map kind of like the Bible? (Both tell a story and tell about someone)

Intro to Prayer

Memory Verse: Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6

Bible Story: Four Kinds of Prayer

From Psalm 150, Psalm 118:21, Psalm 32:5, Psalm 27:4

Review Questions

Mini Point 1: God’s children can praise and thank Him.

   What are some things you think of when you hear the word “prayer?”

   What is prayer? It is when God and His children talk.

   Who can tell me the 4 types of prayer that we learned in large group? Praise, thanksgiving, confession, and request.

Give each child in your group the sheet with four passages of scriptures printed on it. Give each of them something to write with as well. As you talk through the four types of prayer, you will read each passage and then decide which type of prayer it is.

Together, read Psalm 150 and have each child write which type of prayer it is.

Praise the LORD. Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens. Praise him for his acts of power; praise him for his surpassing greatness. Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet, praise him with the harp and lyre, praise him with tambourine and dancing, praise him with the strings and flute, praise him with the clash of cymbals, praise him with resounding cymbals. Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD.

Which one is this Psalm showing us: praise, thanksgiving, confession, or request? Praise

What is praise? It is telling God how great He is. It is when your heart is so full of worship for who God is that it overflows through words of praise, song, dance, art, etc.

What did this writer describe praise to be like? He described it to be everywhere, loud, full, excited, etc. He said everything that has breath should praise the Lord.

Why is God worthy to be praised?

When/where can you praise God?

How can you praise God?

Spend time in praise: “God, You are... (what is best, wise, loving, generous, glorious, merciful, attentive, creator, almighty, just, refuge, provider, protector, faithful, etc.)”


Together, read Psalm 118:21 and have each child write which type of prayer it is.

I will give you thanks, for you answered me; you have become my salvation.

   Which one is this Psalm showing us: praise, thanksgiving, confession, or request? Thanksgiving

   What is the writer thanking God for? Answering him and becoming his salvation

   What is salvation? Being saved/rescued/set free from something

   What are God’s children saved from? Sin and death

   So what is the biggest, greatest, most amazing thing God’s children can thank Him for? Salvation from sin and death

   All good things come from God. What are some other things you can thank Him for?

   Spend time in thanksgiving: “God, thank You for... (giving what’s best, Your Son, Your Spirit, eternal life, health, wisdom, nature, family and friends, music, comfort, food, etc.)”

   Review mini point 1: God’s children can praise and thank Him.


Mini Point 2: God’s children can confess and make requests in prayer.

Together, read Psalm 32:5 and have each child write which type of prayer it is.

Then I acknowledged my sin to you and did not cover up my iniquity. I said, "I will confess my transgressions to the LORD "— and you forgave the guilt of my sin.

Which one is this Psalm showing us: praise, thanksgiving, confession, or request? Confession

What is confession? Telling the truth about your sin

God does not want His children to keep quiet about their sin. What does God do when we confess? Does He punish us?He forgives, or releases us from our wrong. He disciplines all of His children, which means that He teaches and trains them to be like Jesus because He is their loving Father. But He does not punish His children because the punishment for sin is death, and Jesus took that punishment. So when sinners love and trust Jesus, they are forgiven, trained, and helped instead of punished. He helps His children want to follow Him instead of sin.

Spend some time in confession: “God, I’m sorry for... (when I don’t obey, when I don’t trust, etc.), and I thank you that, when I confess, you forgive because of Jesus.”


Together, read Psalm 27:4 and have each child write which type of prayer it is.

One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.

Which one is this Psalm showing us: praise, thanksgiving, confession, or request? Request (asking for something)

What is the writer asking God for in his prayer? He is asking to always be with God, seeing how beautiful He is.

Why do you think this is the one thing that the writer of the prayer is requesting?

Why do God’s children ask God for things? Because He is in charge of everything, and He provides for His children’s needs.

Do you think God’s children request with selfish hearts that demand things from God? No, they have humble hearts that trust that God knows, does, gives, and is what is best.

The first thing we can ask is for God to show us specifically what He wants each of us to request. Take a second to ask for His guidance, then spend some time in request: “God, I ask you to... (show your glory, help me trust you more, make me more confident to obey you, show me how much you love me, give me more faith, help me be like Jesus, adopt more people into your eternal family, be honored at my house/my school/on earth, etc.)”

11. Review Mini Point 2: God’s children can confess and make requests in prayer. 

The Second Coming

Memory Verse: And then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. Luke 21:27

The Second Coming

From 1 thessalonians 4:16-17, Revelations 1:12-18, Revelations 21:3-4, 2 Peter 3:8-14

Younger Kids Review Question


1. The first time Jesus came to earth, what did he come as? (A baby)

2. What is a baby like? (Weak, needs a lot of help)

3. What will Jesus be like when he comes to earth again? (Strong, powerful king on a horse, from the sky)

4. What will happen to the world when Jesus comes again? (Everything will be perfect and new.  No more sin, death, sickness, pain)

5. How do we wait for Jesus? (With hope and love)

6. What is hope? (Knowing something good will happen for sure)

7. How do we wait in love?  (Telling others about Jesus so they can be with him when he comes back too)


Older Kids Questions


1. How did Jesus come to earth the first time? (As a baby)

2. How will Jesus come the second time? (From the sky, as a king)

3. What will Jesus look and sound like? (eyes of fire, white hair, voice like many waters)

4. What will everything on earth be like when Jesus comes back? (Perfect—no more sin, death, sickness, pain)

5. What are the two ways we wait? (Hope and compassion)

6. Why do we wait with hope? (We know Jesus coming back is for sure and we will be with him and he will make everything perfect)

7. How can we wait with love?  (Tell others about Jesus, love others as he loves us)

December 20th, 2015

Memory Verse: All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, Lord; they will bring glory to your name. Psalm 86:9

Bible Story: The Three Magi

From Matthew 2:1-12

Younger Kids Review Questions

1. Lots of people were excited that Jesus was born. Who are the special people from far away that were excited to see Jesus (the Magi)

2. Who was NOT excited that Jesus was born? (King Herod)

3. How did the Magi find the place where Jesus was? (they followed the bright star that God put in the sky to guide them)

4. What did the Magi do when they saw Jesus? (they worshipped him and brought him gifts)

5. King Herod wanted to kill Jesus.  Did God allow Jesus to be killed by King Herod?  (No!  God protected Jesus. God is in Charge of Everything!)

6. Did God send Jesus to be king of the Jews? (No! He sent Jesus to be King over the whole world!)

Older Kids Jeopardy

Shepherds and Angels

100 Was shepherding considered a cool job or a horrible job back then? (A horrible job—only poor, lowly people did it.)

200 What news did the angels tell the shepherds? (That Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God, the Lord, was born in Bethlehem that night.)

300 What are the two things the shepherds do after they found out? (They went to go see Jesus.  They told everyone the news.)

The Three Magi (or Wise Men, not kings)

100 By what sign in the sky did the Magis know the King of the Jews was born? (They saw a star.)

200 What was the wise men experts in? (Movements of stars and what the stars meant.)

300 Were the Magithe Jewish people of God, or foreigners that didn’t worship the true God (Foreigners, or gentiles.)

King Herod

100 Where did King Herod live? (Jerusalem)

200 Why did Herod want to kill baby Jesus?  (He didn’t want anyone else to be king)

300 Why couldn’t Herod trick the Magi? (Because God appeared in their dream and told them not to go back to Herod)


100 What gifts did the Magi bring? (Gold, frankincense and myrrh.)

200 What is the most precious, best, most awesome gift from God? (Salvation through Jesus, His Only Son.)

300 What do we have to do or what do we have to pay, for God’s gift of salvation through Jesus? (Nothing, it’s free. (trick question! Haha))


Merry Christmas!!!

Great job on performing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing"!

December 13th, 2015

Memory Verse: "For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior who is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:11

Bible Story: The Shepherds and the Angels

From Luke 2:8-20

Younger Kids Review Questions:

1. In our story today, who did the angel talk to? (the shepherds)

2. How did the shepherds feel when they first saw the angel? (they were afraid)

3. God sent the angel to give the shepherds a very special message.  What was the special message?  (Jesus had been born!)

4. After the angel told the shepherds the message that Jesus had been born, what filled the whole sky? (lots of angels praising God)

5. When the angels left the shepherds, what did the shepherds do? (they went to find Joseph and Mary and Jesus)

6. What did the shepherds do when they saw Jesus?  (They praised God)

Older Kids Review Questions:

1. What kind of people were shepherds? (Not important or powerful, not trusted because they were nomads)

2. Why were the shepherds so scared? (Because the angel appeared and the glory of the Lord shone around them. Angels weren’t cute, chubby babies, theyw ere warriors of the Lord)

3. What was the news they gave? (The Savior, the Christ, was born that day in Bethlehem)

4. What are heralds, and who did God send as heralds? (A heavenly host of angels)

5. Who did God send out to tell everyone else about Jesus, the angels or the shepherds? (The shepherds)

6. How are we like the shepherds? (Even though we aren’t powerful or shiny like the angels, we are to tell people about Jesus too! The message is powerful enough!)

7. Why should we tell the news?  

Song of Response/Christmas Song

December 6th, 2015

Memory verse: But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Against such things there is no law. Galatians 5:22-23

This week's Fruit of the Spirit: Self-Control

Bible Story from Mark 14:32-36, Luke 22:41-44, Luke 23:35-37

Younger Kids Review Questions

1. What does self-control mean? (Self-control means to obey God even when we don’t want to.)

2. Who in our lesson showed us what self-control looks like? (Jesus, Jesus obeyed the Father even when He didn’t want to. Jesus had self-control.)

3. What did Jesus ask the Father in the garden? (Jesus asked if there was any other way to save sinners knowing that He was about to die in order to be obedient to the Father.)

4. Did Jesus obey the Father? (Yes, Jesus obeyed the Father and died on the cross to save sinners.)

5. Who are sinners? (We are sinners, your teachers are sinners, your parents are sinners, you are sinners.)

6. What is sin? (Sin is when we do, think or feel different from what God wants; sin separates us from God forever.)

7. Can we save ourselves from sin? (No! only Jesus can save sinners.)

8. Why is it hard to obey? (Because we are selfish, we think we know what is best, we don’t trust God.)

9. Can we obey God on our own? (No, we need God’s help to obey.)

10.  Is God’s plan more important than what we want? (Yes! God knows what is best for His children.)

11. Who did Jesus give those who love and trust Him to help have self-control? (The Holy Spirit.)

Older Kids Review Questions:

1. How do we know that Jesus wanted there to be another way to save us? (He asked God to take the cup away from him if possible, he was in agony and sorrow.)

2. Why did Jesus obey? (God’s will was worth obeying. To save us.)

3. What were the soldiers and rulers teasing Jesus about on the cross? (To save himself)

4. Who helped Jesus have self-control, to die on the cross? (The Holy Spirit)

5. Who lives inside of us if we believe in Jesus? (The Holy Spirit)

6. How did we benefit from Jesus’ self control? (Salvation)

7. How can we benefit others from our self control that the Holy Spirit gives us?

Christmas Song/Song of Response

Grade School Lesson for November 29th, 2015

Memory Verse: "But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law." Galatians 5:22-23

This week's Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness

From Matthew 26:47-56Luke 22:47-53

Review Questions

1. Who was Jesus with? (The disciples)

2. Who came to arrest Jesus? (Men who hated Him)

3. How would Jesus have felt about being arrested? (Sad, angry, scared)

4. What did Peter do when the men tried to arrest Jesus? (Cut off a servant’s ear)

5. Was Peter being gentle? (No)

6. What did Jesus say to Peter? (Stop, put away your sword)

7. Was Jesus showing a fruit of the Spirit? (Yes)

8. Which one? (Gentleness)

Song of Response

Also Song for Christmas!

Grade School Lesson for November 22nd, 2015


today's fruit of the spirit: faithfulness

bIble story from genesis 8:21, genesis 12:15-17, 21:2, exodus 3:19-22, 2 corinthians 1:20

younger kids (k-2) review questions:


1. What does it mean to be faithful? (Faithful means to keep your promises, to do what you say you will do.)

2. Is God faithful? (Yes! God does what He says He will do.)

3. What was the promise God made that we learned about today? (God promised to send Jesus to save sinners.)

4. Did God keep His promise? (Yes! Jesus Came to Save Sinners!)

5. How did Jesus save sinners? (Jesus died on the cross to save us from sin.)

6. Did Jesus Stay dead? (No! Jesus rose from the grave; Jesus is still alive.)

7. Where is Jesus? (In heaven with the Father, preparing a place for those who love and trust Jesus.)

8. Who did Jesus send to help us here on earth? (The Holy Spirit)

9. How does the Holy Spirit help us? (The Holy Spirit helps us to obey and love God.)

10. Will Jesus come back someday? (Yes! Jesus will come to take those who love and trust Him to heaven).

older kids (grades 3-5) review questions:

1. What does it mean to be “faithful”? (To do what you say you will do, to keep promises)

2. Is anyone you know perfectly faithful?  Are you? (No)

3. What are some promises God kept in the Bible? (Never to flood the world again. To give Abraham a son. To deliver Israel from slavery)

4. God is perfectly faithful.  How does that make you feel?  What do you think about God?

5. What is the biggest promise God kept for us? (To save us through Jesus)

6. What is the price Jesus had to pay to save us and be faithful to the promises of God?  (His life on the cross.)

7. What did God promise about Jesus, about His Spirit? (That Jesus will come back, and that His Spirit will help us while we wait for Jesus)

8. How does God help us to be faithful like him? (His Spirit lives in us and helps us to become more like Jesus)

9. What are some things you could ask the Spirit to help you be faithful with?

song of response / christmas song!

motions to practice at home!