a community being transformed in christ, together, for the city

2018: deepening relationships


On January 21st, 2018, we had our annual Mission and Vision Sunday where we shared our mission and vision as a church for 2018. We have provided an audio recording and a summary of what was shared. For those of you who missed the Annual Report and the relational charges for 2018, please click here! Some highlights of 2017 include celebrating 20 new members, 12 baby dedications, and 3 Easter baptisms!

This year, our hope is that we deepen relationships, our relationship with God, our relationship with each other, and our relationship with our city. 

0:00-17:34: Intro and Transformed in Christ / 17:35-30:37: Together / 30:38-42:45 For the City / 47:35 Benediction

transformed in christ


In Christ – Jesus Christ created and sustains all life. He came to earth so that we could experience abundant life in him. Christ is the center of God’s plan to redeem the whole world and we want him to be the center of our lives. Christ Church will proclaim Christ and His gospel as we gather together weekly to hear the gospel preached, to sing and pray, and to share the Lord’s Supper. We want to be transformed in the image of Christ.


sermon series

Our Sunday services and sermon series seek to encourage us to deepen our relationship with Christ by exalting him every Sunday. Last year, we finished a sermons series called "The Jesus We Know" based on Peter's account of Jesus' life in the gospel of Mark, to see if the Jesus we know is the Jesus in Scripture. We continued with Peter's letter to the church, 1 Peter, in a sermon series called "The Church That Knows Jesus,"  about what a church that knows Jesus looks like.

This year, we will continue in Paul's letter to the Ephesians in a sermon series called "Built in Love," learning that if we are a church that knows Jesus, we will build each other up in love. Toby, our lead pastor, will go on a Sabbatical this summer after 9 years of pastoral ministry, where Christ Church will have familiar preachers visiting our pulpit. When Toby returns, we will have a sermon series that goes through the Life of Joseph in Genesis. 



Tim shared about what it meant to pursue a relationship with God, especially in the midst of health struggles. He talked about his experience in ministry and his training on the importance of spending time with God.  He shared about his journey through his first heart attack in his 30s, and the following health issues that led to him having to give up ministry, and the resulting anger and depression towards God, but God's constant mercy, grace, and forgiveness. 


deepen your relationship with Christ: relational charge for 2018

A relationship with Jesus is transformative, but it is not always easy. We want to have an honest conversation about deepening our relationship with Jesus this year, getting rid of obstacles and taking advantage of every opportunity. We will be providing resources and encouraging each other to deepen our relationship with Christ:

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 6.40.11 PM.png

transformed together


Together – As followers of Christ we are called to pursue relationship with one another and to do life together. We receive the gospel promises individually and are gifted differently, but that does not mean we are to practice the kind of individualism the culture holds up as a right and a strength, even a virtue. Rather, we submit to what Scripture says about us, including our need for one another.


building deeper relationships

As a church community and family, we want to deeply engage with each other and go through real issues in life. We have provided this resource, "How are you doing?" not as a way to make conversation formulaic or to indoctrinate, but to provide scaffolding for genuine, deep, and intimate conversations. 

cg multiplying plan

Community Groups (CG) are a primary way for us to take the truths and apply them in our lives, struggle and encourage each other together. As we continue connect and grow, we want to continue to multiply our CGs. 

relational wisdom training

Ken Sande is providing a Relational Wisdom training at Sunset Church in February 23-24 and Christ Church members are invited to join. Seng is on the board of Ken Sande's organization and we are working to have Ken Sande visit and give us a training in the fall as well. 


Katrina and Justin shared about how their relationship with each other and the church was deepened. While they were dating, Justin had a health issue that challenged him to change his habit and be vulnerable and willing to accept the help of others, from Katrina, from the church community. They were intentional with sharing it with the church, and the prayer and support they received in response was overwhelming, deepening their faith and showing them the faithfulness of God. They learned that struggle can be good and lead to opportunities to be vulnerable, to serve and be served.


deepen our relationships in the church (together): relational charge for 2018

This year we would like you to partner with a brother or sister in Christ (our congregation or your community group is a great place to look!), to spur one another deeper into the gospel truth and relationship in Christ:

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 6.44.48 PM.png

transformed for the city


For the City – We will go in the power of the Holy Spirit into our neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces with a desire to bring the message of the Gospel to those who do not know Christ. We will go as Christ came to us, in love and humility with a heart to serve the City. We believe in the life-transforming power of the Gospel and will work to see that power displayed in the City as we serve practical needs and share the message of Christ. 

Loving and serving our city is about deepening our relationships with real people, getting to know them, encouraging, loving, and serving them, and sharing our lives and our hope in Christ with them . 


citizens church and the porch church

To love and serve our city, we will continue our partnership with church plants Citizens Church (led by CJ Bergmen) and the Porch Church (led by Jon Brackett) who will be evangelizing, loving and serving in the Haight and North Beach. 

malawi mission trip, hands at work

This year, we will be sending a team to Malawi May 20-28. We have been partnered with Hands at Work in a village in Malawi. Again this visit will help deepen our relationships with our brothers and sisters overseas.

transforming the gospel with christ (TBC), the Gospel coalition, 3erestoration ministries 

Transforming the Gospel with Christ seek to connect Christians in the marketplace, or in different secular industries, to mobilize them to be representatives of Christ, as salt and light. The Gospel Coalition, an international network which Christ Church is a part of, is having a conference in the East Bay.  The 3eRestoration Ministries helps train churches to serve the least of these and the most vulnerable without burning out by building support within the church. 


Jon, who is leading the planting of the Porch Church, shared about how after growing up in SF and then serving for 13 years on pastoral staff at Dolores Park Church, he has seen many church plants fail in San Francisco. Before launching the church plant, he has been spending about a year just getting to know the people in his neighborhood where he plans to plant, talking to his neighbors, going to community meetings, going to the local cafes, in order to build the church on relationships that will keep it sustainable for the long haul. It was also helpful after being on pastoral staff, to learn how to spend so much time with unbelievers and learn about what they believe and hope in. It also broke his heart that what they hope in will not fulfill and gave him a renewed sense of urgency. He seeks to plant a church, because churches are a "guaranteed method of evangelism."


deepen our relationships for the city: relational charge for 2018:

We believe that serving our city is also all about relationships. So this year's challenge is about deepening our relationship with someone who does not share our hope in Christ, not as a project or whose success is based on if they come to church, but to love and serve genuinely and leave the rest to God:

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 6.58.57 PM.png