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Romans 12:2: Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.


We handed out take-home Mission and Vision Cards for you to follow along on Sunday, but also to take home and remember, keep track of, and pray through our Mission and Vision throughout the year. Keep it on your fridge, by your bedside, or stick it in your Bible! If you want to take another one, please do!
We also created an online version at the bottom of this page because we want to hear from you! The leaders of our church would love to hear your responses, experiences and thoughts on our Mission and Vision, so if you haven't already, please fill it out!


On Sunday, January 29, we shared our enhanced Mission and Vision statement for 2017, and it's three parts. Summaries are provided below!

Quick recap of 2016: We are excited for all that God did in our church in 2016. We are especially grateful for the installation of our Executive Pastor, Seng Chin, and our first Diaconate. We believe that God is providing so many gifted leaders to help position us for a fruitful year of ministry in 2017. We are hoping that 2017 will be a year that all of our members are mobilized to respond to God's call. We will be working to continue to strengthen our infrastructure to encourage healthy growth in ministry. This is part of the work of transformation we have been praying for and began this year focusing on in Romans 12.

Transformed in Christ


In Christ – Jesus Christ created and sustains all life. He came to earth so that we could experience abundant life in him. Christ is the center of God’s plan to redeem the whole world and we want him to be the center of our lives. Christ Church will proclaim Christ and His gospel as we gather together weekly to hear the gospel preached, to sing and pray, and to share the Lord’s Supper. We want to be transformed in the image of Christ.

For this segment we asked, How has learning about Christ transformed your life? 

What does this mean for our church and for you? To be transformed in our pursuit of Christ, we will have:

Sermon Series:

“The Jesus We Know” Our first sermon series will work through the gospel of Mark and focus on the theme of "The Jesus We Know." We will be keeping two questions in view: 1) Is the Jesus we know the Jesus revealed to us in the Scriptures? and 2) Do we know Jesus in a way that is transforming the way we live?

Sermon Series:

“The Church That Knows Jesus” Through our second sermon series in 1 Peter, we will learn how the church responds to Jesus and what it looks like when a church truly knows Jesus.

Learning Together Seminars:

We will have a series of interactive seminars in 6-week modules. Each course will include guided readings, facilitated discussion groups, and resources to dig deeper into a variety of subjects under the broad categories of Scripture, History, Biblical and Systematic Theology, Church History, Culture, and Practical Theology.

How do you want God to transform you through your pursuit of Christ in 2017?

Transformed Together


Together – As followers of Christ we are called to pursue relationship with one another and to do life together. We receive the gospel promises individually and are gifted differently, but that does not mean we are to practice the kind of individualism the culture holds up as a right and a strength, even a virtue. Rather, we submit to what Scripture says about us, including our need for one another.

Community is the believer’s classroom, where honoring our need for one another is transformational, not transactional. It is where we get help and encouragement as we learn to be more self-aware, other-aware and God-aware, so that we can clearly put Christ’s love on display.

For this segment, we asked, What does this mean for you? How has community transformed your life?

Some avenues for growth as a community that we want to pursue this year include having: 


Discussion Panels 

With guests and members of Christ Church sharing about how God has grown and led them in various areas, we will have opportunities for deeper conversation about topics such as dating, sexuality, parenting, and evangelism.

Prayer at Christ Church

As an essential part of our growth and transformation, we want to be praying together more as a church. We plan on creating more opportunities to pray together regularly. 

Community Group (CG) multiplying plan

As our congregation grows, we want to multiply our CGs so that groups continue to have both long-term and newer members in numbers that are conducive for people to really know and be known by one another.

Annual Plans for Community Groups:

Groups will follow a common yearly cycle, while living out the mission and vision of Christ Church in tangible and relational ways that best suit the particular composition of each group

Dedicated groups connecting people for personal growth and accountability:

these will also provide opportunities outside of CGs for friendship, fellowship, and discipleship.

How do you want God to use community to transform you in 2017? You can use the M&V Cards to keep track of how you want God to use community to transform you in 2017 and to share your testimony.

Transformed for the City

For the City – We will go in the power of the Holy Spirit into our neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces with a desire to bring the message of the Gospel to those who do not know Christ. We will go as Christ came to us, in love and humility with a heart to serve the City. We believe in the life-transforming power of the Gospel and will work to see that power displayed in the City as we serve practical needs and share the message of Christ. 

We want transformation. We want to have an expectation of God moving in your life through mission. This may mean going abroad, or more likely, an increased vision for your own families, neighborhoods, workplaces, and our city. Not just go and do, but also stay and be. We will be exploring more opportunities to do this together.

For this segment we asked, How has God used missions to transform your life?

What this means for the church and for you? To be transformed by mission we will:


Citizens is a sister church we helped plant and they are ministering to our city and in the park and in the Haight. We will keep you posted on serving opportunities at our sister church in the City.


Acts 29 and Local Church Planting

We are a part of the church planting network Acts 29 and we will continue to support local church plant pastors for healthy gospel-centered church multiplying in San Francisco.


Hands at Work, Malawi

From our continued support of the most vulnerable in Mcheneka, we are also working towards building a Medical Clinic and supporting Malawian pastors and theologians in seminary.


Local ministry opportunities

Christ Church is partnered with various local ministries and we will share about and have opportunities to serve with organizations such as City Impact, Because Justice Matters, Inner Change/Outer Circle, Old Skool Cafe.


English Camp in Barcelona

Christ Church will visit our partner church from June 26th to 30th to share the gospel with people who do not yet know Christ through English classes. 


Mission Coordinator & New initiatives

We want to have a Mission Coordinator to develop a model to help connect church members to mission opportunities and go beyond. We want to start with Roosevelt M.S. as we use their space and want to directly bless them. This was another idea developed by the strategy team.


New Finch giving platform

To make giving online easier, we will be transferring off old giving platform The City to Finch's giving platform and will be rolling this out in 2017.

How do you want God to transform you through mission?

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How has God used learning more about Christ to transform your life?
How do you want God to transform you through your pursuit of Christ in 2017?
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How do you want God to use community to transform you in 2017?
How has God used mission to transform your life?
How do you want God to transform you through mission in 2017?