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Big Question and Answer for October



bible story and gospel connection:

Sunday, October 25th: "The Wind That Obeyed"

Who did the disciples ask for help? What did Jesus say to the storm?  What happened next?  God wants us to pray to him.  Praying is talking to God and thanking Him for what He’s done or asking Him for help.  God has been SO good to us by giving Jesus to die for us, and He wants to know Him through praying to Him.  

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Grade school

Bible story and review questions:

Fruit of the Spirit: Peace from Matthew 6:25-32

1. Can you change things by worrying about them? (No)

2. Does worrying do any good? (No)

3. What does worrying do? (It makes us feel bad.)

4. What did Jesus teach about the birds? (God feeds them.)

5. Do birds store up food or shop at a grocery store? (No) How do they get food? (God feeds them.) 

6. What did Jesus teach about flowers? (God clothes them – makes them beautiful.)

7. Do flowers make their own clothes? (No)

8. Then why are they so beautiful? (God makes them beautiful.)

9. Which does God love more – flowers and birds or you? (Me!) 

10. So if God takes care of the flowers and birds, will He take care of you? (Yes)

11. What is peace? (Peace is when we do not worry, when we trust God and know that God is Good.)

12. What is the biggest way we know that God is good and loves us? (He sent Jesus to save us from our sins and be with Him forever.)

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