Preschool/Toddler Update

Because many of our former preschoolers have moved up, most of the children in our Preschool/Toddler rooms are Toddlers. As a result, we have simplified the lesson and are no longer doing the Big Question and Answer series. We will still have a Bible story read aloud, as well as a time of singing and snack. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Preschool Lessons for May!

Lesson from May 1, 2016: “Two Men and Their Houses” from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 5. Gospel & Big Question/Answer connection:

God’s laws are perfect! Everything God tells us to do helps us to be like the house on the rock! We won’t get washed away and broken when scary, hard times come! But if we don’t listen to God’s perfect law, then we could get washed away like the house on the sand. Jesus is God, so we are to listen to what Jesus says! The main law is to love Jesus with all our hearts, mind and strength! What a perfect law!

Lesson from May 8, 2016:  Noah’s Big Boat” from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol.3 Gospel & Big Question/Answer connection:

God told Noah how to build a boat!  The boat helped Noah live and not die. If Noah didn’t listen to God’s perfect law, he would have drowned in the water!  Did you know God’s laws tell us how to live and not die?  Everything God tells us is perfect!  It helps us live!  So we listen to God’s perfect law. 

“How God Made the World” from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 3 Gospel & Big Question/Answer connection

Just like God made the whole world good, God’s laws are good too!  Because God made the sun, moon, stars, hills, oceans, and people, he knows exactly how things should work and what we should do!  So he gave us laws, and God’s laws are perfect!


May 22, 2016: *Because our preschool/toddler room is mostly toddlers these days, we read a story and sang two songs together. My God is So Great and God is So Good.

Preschool Lessons for April!

April 3, 2016: From “Joseph and His Brothersin Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 4. Gospel & Big Question/Answer connection:

Joseph’s brothers did not like Joseph and did mean things to him because of sin.  Sin is what makes people jealous and do bad things, and all of us have sin inside. But God was with Joseph the whole time taking care of him, and God found a way to fight sin and get rid of it forever!  His name is Jesus Christ, and he died on the cross so our sins are forgiven and Jesus’ spirit fights the sin inside us!

April 10, 2016: From "Two Men Who Talked to God" in Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 5. Gospel and Big Question/Answer connection:

Bad things came through sin, and all of us have sin. Every single one of us has sin, and it we are honest and tell the truth to God and say sorry, he loves it.  He sent Jesus to die for our sin so we could get rid of our sin and badness, and all of us need Jesus. But if we pretend and lie like we don’t have sin, like we are good without Jesus, then that is not true!  Thank God for sending Jesus to save us from our sin!

April 17, 2016: From "The Boy Who Went Away" in Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 2

Bad things came through sin, and all of us have sin. Just like this boy we try to run away from God and do things our way. But even after we choose sin and sin makes bad things happen, we can always go back home to God! If we say sorry from the bottom of our hearts and run to him, God loves to have us back because he loves us, just like this daddy!

April 24, 2016: From "The Man Who Helped" in Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 2 Gospel & Big Question/Answer connection:

Bad things came through world through sin.  When people hurt each other, like what happened to the man, that is sin.  When people walk by without caring about it, that is sin, too.  But Jesus came to help us and save us from sin! Just like the Samaritan, Jesus stepped in and helped us when nobody else could.  Jesus takes care of us and helps us fight sin! 

Preschool Lessons for March!

Lesson for March 6th, 2016: Link to story: How God Made the World” in Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 3

Gospel/Big Question and Answer Connection: God made all the wonderful things in this world, and he made them good!  God used that word so many times when he described the world he made.  Let’s try to think of all the things God made!  Isn’t it amazing that God made so many things?

Lesson for March 13th, 2016. Link to story: "The very good beginning" in big story picture bible

God created the world with his words, and he made everything good!  Humans were made to be rulers like God.  They loved God, obeyed God and knew God was good.  Nothing was bad in the beginning.  God made everything very good!  Jesus, God’s Son, came to make this world very good again!

Lesson for March 20th, 2016. Link to story: The Boy Who Went Away” from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol 2.

God made everything good! He has everything we need and he is a good father.  But sometimes we try to go away from God, even though he made all things good. This story shows us that no matter what, when we feel bad and we remember how good God is, miss listening to him and want to go back to him, we can always come back to God! God made all things good and we can always go back to him! 

Preschool Lessons for February

Bible Story for February 7th, 2016:  The Wind That Obeyed” from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 1

Wow! Jesus was able to tell the winds and the waves to be quiet! All of nature, the oceans, the skies, everything has to listen to Jesus! There is no one like Jesus! That’s because Jesus is the Son of God. We’re so happy Jesus, the Son of God, is so special that there’s no one like him.  Hooray!

Bible Story for February 14th, 2016. "Simon and His Boat" from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 2

Wow! Jesus can command the fish to listen to him!  And even though Peter didn’t believe Jesus at first, Jesus still chose him to catch a lot of fish!  Not only that, Jesus asked Peter to be his follower so they could be fishers or men!  There is no one like Jesus!  All of the fish listen to him, and Jesus picks all sorts of people to follow him and do amazing things!

Bible Story for February 21st, 2016: "David and the Biggest Man" from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 4

There is no one like God!  He is not only powerful and mighty enough to defeat lions, bears, and giants, but he helps weak people like David and the people of Israel!  When God helps weak people like David, they are able to defeat lions, bears and giants with the power of God!  We see this the most when God sent his Son Jesus Christ to save us because we needed his help!  Jesus Christ, our powerful savior, helps us and saves us when we are weak. 

Bible Story for February 28th, 2016: "God Gives His People Bread to Eat" from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 3

No one is like God, who can make bread appear in the middle of nowhere!  God surprises us so many times with how much he takes care of us. Also, no one is like God in how much he loves and provides for his people.  Whatever they need, God gives because he is so good, loving, and powerful!  We see this the MOST when God sent Jesus to die for our sins, because that is exactly what we needed!

Preschool Lessons for January!

Big Question #1 Song:

Lesson for January 3rd, 2016: "Jonah and the Big Fish" from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 4

Even though Jonah tried to run away from God, God followed Jonah with a storm and a big fish!  God doesn’t leave us alone!  God loves us so much he wants to show us what he is like, what he likes, what he hates, what he does.  God showed us what he is like the most through his son Jesus, who died for us to save us!!! We are so happy that God wants to show us who he is and he shows us the most through Jesus!

Lesson for January 10th, 2016: "The Sheep that Was Lost" from read aloud bible stories vol. 5

Jesus showed us what God is like by telling this story about the lost sheep.  God is always trying to tell us who he is because he loves us and wants to have a relationship with us.  Jesus also showed us what God is like by dying on the cross for us!  When Jesus died and rose again for our sins, we could see how loving and powerful God is!

Lesson for January 17th, 2016: "The Man Who Couldn't See" From Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 1

Just like Bartimaeus, sometimes we can’t see anything unless Jesus opens our eyes! But God is always opening our eyes in Jesus so we can see who God is!  Thank you Jesus for letting us see, and most of us for letting us see you! 

Lesson for January 24th, 2016: "The People Helper Who Wouldn't Help" from read aloud bible stories vol. 5

Jesus was from Heaven but he came all the way to earth to show us what God was like!  Today, we learned about the story Jesus told to show how God was different from the People Helper that wouldn’t help. God is different because he loves to help us and he will definitely help us!  But if the people helper listened to someone who was asking him every single day, then God, who LOVES to help us, even more hear us when we pray to him!  God showed us what he’s like by sending Jesus to help us by dying on the cross for us so that we could be with him forever. 

Lesson for January 31st, 2016: "Joshua and the Big Wall" in Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 4

Throughout the whole Bible, in so many stories, God is telling people who he is, what he can do, and how much he loves us!  In this story of Joshua, we see that God is so strong he can break down walls without anyone touching them!  We also see that God loves his people so much he will help them in amazing ways!  We see this the most when we look at Jesus, the Son of God!  He was so strong that he defeated sin and death by dying on the cross!  He loves us so much that he through the cross, he made it possible to be in God’s family forever! 

Preschool Lessons for December!

Big Question and Answer #12:

Bible Stories and Gospel/Big Question connections:

December 6th, 2015: "The Very Good Ending" from The Big Picture Story Bible

When Jesus comes back, there will be no death or crying, no pain or sickness, no disobeying! When Jesus comes back, we'll be with him. God is also with us now even though we can't see him. He loved us SO much he sent Jesus to die for us so that we could be with him forever. 

December 13th, 2015: "A sad Day and a Happy Day" from Read Aloud Bible Stories vol. 2

Just like in the story, all our sadness will turn into happiness! Everyone was crying because Jesus had died, but Jesus came back! Jesus is alive! And because Jesus is alive, we all get to be in his family! When Jesus comes back, God will make everything new. All our tears will turn into laughing. All our death will turn into life! All our sickness will turn into jumping up and down and singing praises to God!

DECEMBER 20TH, 2015: "Baby Jesus and the Good News" FROM READ ALOUD BIBLE STORIES VOL. 3

Jesus came to earth as a baby to take all our badness away!  That is what we are celebrating on Christmas.  Jesus took all of our sins, or badness, away by dying on the cross for us!  But did you know Jesus is going to come again?  Not as a baby but as a powerful king!  When Jesus comes back, everything on earth will be new!  All the badness of earth will be taken away, and everything will be perfectly good again!  Hooray!  Thank you Jesus for making everything new! 

December 27th, 2015: "Noah's big Boat" from read aloud bible stories vol. 3

God can make things new! Just like after the big flood, the whole world was new again. The ones who believed in God got to live in the brand new world. When Jesus comes back, the whole world will be made new again too! And if we believe in Jesus, we'll get to live with him in the brand new world! Hooray!

Preschool Lessons for November!

November 8th: Story Link: "The Man Who Said Thank You" from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 1

Gospel & Big Question/Answer connection: Just like the sick men in the Bible, all of us were sick too! All of us had badness, or sin. But God made us better through Jesus. That's why we love coming to church to tell God "Thank You" by singing songs and listening to His Word. Then we love each other by showing others Jesus and helping each other say "Thank You" to God for everything He did for us, especially through Jesus dying for us!

November 15th: story link: "Letters to Live By" from big story picture bible.

Gospel and Big Question/Answer connection:  This story took place after Jesus died and was made alive again. Jesus is in Heaven with God the Father now, but he gave his church the Holy Spirit and the letters (show a Bible) to be with us and help us. Explaining that being a part of a church means that we go to learn about God and show his love to others. God has been SO good to us giving Jesus to die for us, and He wants to tell others about him too. 

November 22nd: Story Link "The Boy Who Shared His Lunch" from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 2 (ppg 69-97)

Gospel and Big Question/Answer Connection:  Remember ALL the people that went to listen to Jesus and about God?  Did you know that’s why we are all here today?  Mommies and daddies, brothers and sisters, we are here to listen about Jesus and God! Listening and learning about God is part of worshipping him.  And guess what?  Just like Jesus asked the little boy to share his lunch in order to feed the whole crowd, Jesus asks us to love each other at church.  Even though we might not have a lot to offer, if we trust Jesus, he can turn it into a lot just like in the story!  Because Jesus is God and he loves us!  

November 29th: Story Link: "The Man Who Was Too Little" from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 1 

Gospel & Big Question/Answer connection: Remember ALL the people that went to listen to Jesus and about God? Did you know that's why we are all here today? Mommies and daddies, brothers and sisters, we are here to listen about Jesus and God! Listening and learning about God is a part of worshipping him. And we come to church to worship God! But just like Zacchaeus, some of us might have trouble seeing Jesus or getting to know him. But Jesus still sees us and knows our names. And Jesus uses US to help each other know him! That's right! We can love each other by helping each other see Jesus and know him. Because we are also here to love each other as Jesus loved us!

Our new song for Christmas!