Preschool Lessons for December!

Big Question and Answer #12:

Bible Stories and Gospel/Big Question connections:

December 6th, 2015: "The Very Good Ending" from The Big Picture Story Bible

When Jesus comes back, there will be no death or crying, no pain or sickness, no disobeying! When Jesus comes back, we'll be with him. God is also with us now even though we can't see him. He loved us SO much he sent Jesus to die for us so that we could be with him forever. 

December 13th, 2015: "A sad Day and a Happy Day" from Read Aloud Bible Stories vol. 2

Just like in the story, all our sadness will turn into happiness! Everyone was crying because Jesus had died, but Jesus came back! Jesus is alive! And because Jesus is alive, we all get to be in his family! When Jesus comes back, God will make everything new. All our tears will turn into laughing. All our death will turn into life! All our sickness will turn into jumping up and down and singing praises to God!

DECEMBER 20TH, 2015: "Baby Jesus and the Good News" FROM READ ALOUD BIBLE STORIES VOL. 3

Jesus came to earth as a baby to take all our badness away!  That is what we are celebrating on Christmas.  Jesus took all of our sins, or badness, away by dying on the cross for us!  But did you know Jesus is going to come again?  Not as a baby but as a powerful king!  When Jesus comes back, everything on earth will be new!  All the badness of earth will be taken away, and everything will be perfectly good again!  Hooray!  Thank you Jesus for making everything new! 

December 27th, 2015: "Noah's big Boat" from read aloud bible stories vol. 3

God can make things new! Just like after the big flood, the whole world was new again. The ones who believed in God got to live in the brand new world. When Jesus comes back, the whole world will be made new again too! And if we believe in Jesus, we'll get to live with him in the brand new world! Hooray!