Preschool Lessons for February

Bible Story for February 7th, 2016:  The Wind That Obeyed” from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 1

Wow! Jesus was able to tell the winds and the waves to be quiet! All of nature, the oceans, the skies, everything has to listen to Jesus! There is no one like Jesus! That’s because Jesus is the Son of God. We’re so happy Jesus, the Son of God, is so special that there’s no one like him.  Hooray!

Bible Story for February 14th, 2016. "Simon and His Boat" from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 2

Wow! Jesus can command the fish to listen to him!  And even though Peter didn’t believe Jesus at first, Jesus still chose him to catch a lot of fish!  Not only that, Jesus asked Peter to be his follower so they could be fishers or men!  There is no one like Jesus!  All of the fish listen to him, and Jesus picks all sorts of people to follow him and do amazing things!

Bible Story for February 21st, 2016: "David and the Biggest Man" from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 4

There is no one like God!  He is not only powerful and mighty enough to defeat lions, bears, and giants, but he helps weak people like David and the people of Israel!  When God helps weak people like David, they are able to defeat lions, bears and giants with the power of God!  We see this the most when God sent his Son Jesus Christ to save us because we needed his help!  Jesus Christ, our powerful savior, helps us and saves us when we are weak. 

Bible Story for February 28th, 2016: "God Gives His People Bread to Eat" from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 3

No one is like God, who can make bread appear in the middle of nowhere!  God surprises us so many times with how much he takes care of us. Also, no one is like God in how much he loves and provides for his people.  Whatever they need, God gives because he is so good, loving, and powerful!  We see this the MOST when God sent Jesus to die for our sins, because that is exactly what we needed!