Preschool Lessons for March!

Lesson for March 6th, 2016: Link to story: How God Made the World” in Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 3

Gospel/Big Question and Answer Connection: God made all the wonderful things in this world, and he made them good!  God used that word so many times when he described the world he made.  Let’s try to think of all the things God made!  Isn’t it amazing that God made so many things?

Lesson for March 13th, 2016. Link to story: "The very good beginning" in big story picture bible

God created the world with his words, and he made everything good!  Humans were made to be rulers like God.  They loved God, obeyed God and knew God was good.  Nothing was bad in the beginning.  God made everything very good!  Jesus, God’s Son, came to make this world very good again!

Lesson for March 20th, 2016. Link to story: The Boy Who Went Away” from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol 2.

God made everything good! He has everything we need and he is a good father.  But sometimes we try to go away from God, even though he made all things good. This story shows us that no matter what, when we feel bad and we remember how good God is, miss listening to him and want to go back to him, we can always come back to God! God made all things good and we can always go back to him!