Preschool Lessons for May!

Lesson from May 1, 2016: “Two Men and Their Houses” from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 5. Gospel & Big Question/Answer connection:

God’s laws are perfect! Everything God tells us to do helps us to be like the house on the rock! We won’t get washed away and broken when scary, hard times come! But if we don’t listen to God’s perfect law, then we could get washed away like the house on the sand. Jesus is God, so we are to listen to what Jesus says! The main law is to love Jesus with all our hearts, mind and strength! What a perfect law!

Lesson from May 8, 2016:  Noah’s Big Boat” from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol.3 Gospel & Big Question/Answer connection:

God told Noah how to build a boat!  The boat helped Noah live and not die. If Noah didn’t listen to God’s perfect law, he would have drowned in the water!  Did you know God’s laws tell us how to live and not die?  Everything God tells us is perfect!  It helps us live!  So we listen to God’s perfect law. 

“How God Made the World” from Read Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 3 Gospel & Big Question/Answer connection

Just like God made the whole world good, God’s laws are good too!  Because God made the sun, moon, stars, hills, oceans, and people, he knows exactly how things should work and what we should do!  So he gave us laws, and God’s laws are perfect!


May 22, 2016: *Because our preschool/toddler room is mostly toddlers these days, we read a story and sang two songs together. My God is So Great and God is So Good.