Our community of faith meets for Sunday worship at 10:30 AM at 460 Arguello Blvd. This is the time each week that our church comes together to celebrate and worship God through song, sermon, and sacrament. Both believers of Jesus Christ and non-believers of Jesus Christ alike are welcome to join us during this time.

You're invited to come as you are, whether it's a suit or shorts you feel most comfortable wearing. Our attendees and staff tend to dress casual.









call to worship

God invites us to worship him.

Song of Adoration / confession

We praise God for his glory and goodness, and we confess our sin and receive grace in Christ.

Mission Highlight

We are sent out to love and serve in Christ's name.

New City Catechism

 We confess together what God's Word teaches.


The gospel of Jesus Christ is faithfully and boldly proclaimed.

Lord’s Supper

We receive Christ by faith.

Songs of Response

We put our hope in Christ by the work of the Spirit.


We are sent out to love in the Spirit’s power.

children and youth


Christ Church’s vision for Children’s Ministry is to have a church full of children in Christ, together, for the city.  With the loving support of our volunteers and the prayers of the entire church, we want to come alongside parents in discipling and equipping our children to grapple with, live out and rejoice in the centrality of Christ in a way they can return to for the rest of their lives. 

On Sunday mornings, parents and/or guardians can check in their children, ages 1-10. After worshipping all together in the sanctuary upstairs, kids are excused to go continue worship in Children's Ministry--in the cafeteria for grade school, and in the gym for preschoolers and toddlers. Grade school aged kids will join the service during Communion and worship together until the end. Parents can pick up their kids during the Lord's Supper or after service in the lobby. Preschool/toddlers can be picked up after service in the cafeteria. Older youth are encouraged to listen to the sermon with a sheet of questions provided at the back of the sanctuary, then invited to the Youth Group discussion immediately after the service, 12:00-12:30 pm. 


There is ample parking through the entrance on Palm Ave.  Parking attendants will help you park in a way that is safe and efficient.


If you are taking public transportation the 38R, 38, 33 stop by right in front.  The 1, 2, 31, and 44 are also a 5-10 minute walk away.