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Sunday Recap for September 18, 2016:
New Testament & New Liturgy

This week's Sermon: "Lord and Servant" (John 1:1-5, 20:30-31)

We have started to go over the New Testament, starting with the gospel of John. While Matthew, Mark, and Luke are known as the "synoptic gospels" going over the narrative accounts of Jesus' life in chronological order, the gospel of John is unique in its spiritual account, still with the historicity of Christ but pointing more to the significance of who Christ is. 

“We all have a way of seeing the world, our own interpretive framework that we use to process everything. The Gospel of John was written to persuade us that if we understand who Jesus is and what his life is about, we will trust him and find true life for ourselves. We will see that Jesus is both all-powerful and all-loving.

Main Idea: Trust Jesus and find life in him.

Sermon Application Questions / Sermon Slides
This sermon series: A Year of Biblical Literacy

Question #37: How does the Holy Spirit help us?
Answer: The Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin, comforts us, guides us, gives us spiritual gifts and the desire to obey God; and he enables us to pray and to understand God's Word.

Liturgy Changes: New Order of Service: Hello Church! Starting September 25th, the new order of service will be:

Call to Worship
Songs of Adoration and Confession
Mission Highlight
Greeting Time (kids dismissed)
New City Catechism
Scripture Reading
Communion (grade school kids return)
Songs of Response

If you look at the new liturgy, the grade school kids and the grade school volunteers will only miss the Catechism, Scripture Reading, and Sermon--all which are accessible at home for the volunteers or teachable in an accessible way to grade schoolers in Children's Ministry. With the new liturgy, grade school children and grade school volunteers will be a part of more of the worship service. 

The reasons why we are doing this include:
-Children are an important part of our congregation and community and we want to worship together with them as much as possible. 
-For children to see what church is about, to understand that we consider them a part of us.
-For adults to be reminded of, to build relationships with, and pray for, the children in our midst. 
-New liturgy order now allows kids to witness and be a part of Mission Highlight, Communion, Songs of Response, Benediction. This will help spark discussions at home.
-New liturgy order helps grade school volunteers not miss these parts of service. 

-Changes only apply to older kids (grade school). Due to the limited capacity of preschoolers and toddlers to understand worship and their parents to be engaged in the worship service while they're with them, the Preschool/Toddler Children's Ministry will remain as is. 
-Seats will be reserved for kids by hallway door. Kids will sit together during service with volunteers in these rows. Parents can pick up their children at this time as well.
-Kids will be checked out in the lobby after service (see map below, especially Sunday Coordinators please!).
-During service, for safety, single-use bathroom in hallway by check-in is for children only. Adults should use bigger bathrooms outside. 


Please let us know if you have any questions!

Serving Opportunity!
  • Two Sunday Coordinators (greets families, checks in kids, helps teachers/volunteers as needed, checks out grade school
  • Two Grade School Teachers (teaches lesson, keeps kids safe, shows them Jesus)
  • Two Grade School Assistants (leads activities, keeps kids safe, shows them Jesus)
Please email Janice if you are interested!
Don't Forget!
  • Please join us in A Year of Biblical Literacy. This year, we are reading through the Bible together as a congregation. We have a Scripture reading schedule (never too late to hop on!), videos, and other resources to help us along. 
  • Sign up for the online newsletter! You can go to christchurchsf.org/#newsletter!
  • Youth Group Discussions every Sunday after service, 12:00 - 12:30pm Older youth welcome and encouraged to join us in the "Chill out" section of the Cafeteria!
Have any questions, comments, thoughts to share? Please email us!
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