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Sunday Recap for July 9, 2017:
Call and Acceptance

Mission Highlight: Thank you Leon for sharing about our mission trip to Spain. In case you missed it, here is what he shared:

Hi! My name is Leon. Today’s mission highlight is on Vilassar de Mar, Catalan, Spain. I am one of the team members from Christ church that went on the short-term mission trip to help out in the English camp.  The English camp was held at Esglesia Evangelicade Vilassar de Mar or translation in as English Evangelical Church of Vilassar de Mar. Vilassar de Mar is a suburb approximately 30 minutes from Barcelona, Spain. The population is about 20,000 whose main language is Catalan.

We had about 47 students from ages 5 – 14 from the local community come to the camp.
The reason I went on this trip because Vilassar with a population of 20,000 only has one Evangelical church and it was a great opportunity for me to visit the church. Steve Phillips, the former pastor, has come to Christ church to speak of the need of the Gospel in Spain and Vilassar. Most Spaniards though professing to be Catholic, do not go to church. Also, being a teacher, it was also a great opportunity to use my teaching skills to help out with the English camp.
At the camp, each of my team members worked hard to prepare the church with decorations and lesson planning. The students were split into 4 groups by age level. Each day we danced to contemporary English songs, play games, taught English vocabulary, did arts and crafts, took trips to the beach and swimming pool. The kids and volunteers had a great time with each other as you can tell by their smiles and laughter! The parents gave us good positive feedback each day of the camp.

We also had the opportunity to visit some of the parents’ homes as they invited a meal for us. The parents were grateful that we came so far and were very generous in their homes. This was a great opportunity to get to know the parents on a personal level. It was also a good opportunity to witness and share to the parents our personal lives.
The last day of the camp each group participated in the talent show. The talent show had performances of dances, a magic trick, and videos of the students during the camp. It was a fun night of performances and afterwards intermingling with the parents.
After the trip, I thought the English camp was a success! I was grateful that God gave me this opportunity to serve in Spain. I felt each team member made an impact on the students’ life even though we had a short time being there. I saw many smiles and laughter in our students and parents faces. Even though, I was very tire on the trip, I experienced God’s grace during the trip by seeing the students have fun, learn English, and interacting with them. God’s grace was also evident in our team by working and living with each other. I truly believe the local community of Vilassar saw God’s love and grace with each other!
A video from one of our days in Spain! 
This Week's Sermon: “Call and Acceptance" (Mark 2:13-17)

Thank you Tim Wiarda for preaching again for us this Sunday! This is the third and final part of a three-part series called, "Three Pictures of Jesus)

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