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Sunday Recap for November 11, 2018:
Faith, Testimony, and Worship

Mission Highlight: Our Commissioning Prayers are a part of a series of our Mission Highlights where once a month, we pray for those working in a specific industry, recognizing that all followers of Jesus are sent wherever we go (John 20:21John 17:18), including the workplace.”

Thank you Billy, for sharing about the spiritual obstacles and challenges of working in the food, beverage and hospitality industry. Billy shared about how he sells shrimp and pork dumplings as a living. Some challenges include the long, odd hours, usually when everyone else is off (Craig, from our church who works in wine, couldn't be reached for input due to his current 16-hour work days). These hours can be isolating and physically and mentally exhausting. Some other challenges include customers who are condescending and verbally abusive, along with the demeaning comments on social media (i.e. "I'd rather eat grass off the sidewalk"). There is a strong temptation to perform and please man, but thankfully, comfort and self-worth is found in Jesus Christ. 

Some spiritual opportunities include treating staff as image-bearers of God. Some of them don't speak English and may never speak English, and have no other work options. They are one paycheck, one accident, or one diagnosis away from disaster. It is a challenge to pay employees equitably, keep food costs low for low income communities, and make it a viable business. Employees work hard to give their kids, not themselves, a chance at the American dream, each one of them supporting so many who depend on them. It is far from the glamor that Food Network presents; the work is always cleaning or fixing something. But there is still the opportunity to treat all employees, vendors, neighbors, and customers as image bearers of God. Also, working in restaurants gives a glimpse into the epidemic of loneliness, when one can see people coming in regularly on Friday night to eat alone, just to be around other people. A kind word or building conversation can go a long way, to be the light of Christ, who is our savior in a broken world.

Then Toby prayed for all who work in this industry. Just as Jesus sends disciples into the world just as Jesus himself was sent into the world, he prayed that all who work in food, beverage and hospitality to be extensions of Jesus, to use the gifts he gives to serve others with love and humility. This industry itself can be a great expression of care. He prayed that the stress and pressures from the job become opportunities to depend on Christ and point others to a hope in Christ. We asked God to pour out his grace upon them and to ensure them of his empowering presence. We asked God to bless the work of their hands by his power. Let's continue to encourage and pray for our sisters and brothers in the food, beverage and hospitality industry!

Question #43: What are the sacraments or ordinances?
Answer: The sacraments or ordinances given by God and instituted by Christ, namely baptism and the Lord’s Supper, are visible signs and seals that we are bound together as a community of faith by his death and resurrection. By our use of them the Holy Spirit more fully declares and seals the promises of the gospel to us.
This Week's Sermon: “Faith, Testimony, and Worship" (Psalm 105:7-24; Genesis 47)

"The Christian life is going to God. In going to God Christians travel the same ground that everyone else walks on, breathe the same air, drink the same water, shop in the same stores, read the same newspapers, are citizens under the same governments, pay the same prices for groceries and gasoline, fear the same dangers, are subject to the same pressures, get the same distresses, are buried in the same ground. The difference is that each step we walk, each breath we breathe, we know we are preserved by God, we know we are accompanied by God, we know we are ruled by God; and therefore no matter what doubts we endure or what accidents we experience, the Lord will guard us from every evil, he guards our very life." -Eugene Peterson, Life at its best: A guidebook for the pilgrim life

Main idea: Testimony and worship result when we see God working for good through his promises.

Sermon Slides / This sermon series: Rivalry and Restoration: The Story of Joseph

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