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Sunday Recap for November 25, 2018:
Power and Forgiveness

From left to right, top to bottom: Amanda and Andrew's first visit to C in 2015, second visit in 2018, Caregiver with the kids, including C

Mission Highlight: Thank you Amanda and Andrew for being the last teammates to share about the our trip to Mcheneka in May. Amanda shared about Kausiwa*, the 13 year old child in the green dress in the first photo, and her family they met in 2015. Her mother had passed away, and the father was not there, so she, her brother, her sister Faye*, and her sister's baby were living with her aunt. Kausiwa has been a part of our ministry partner Hands at Work's program for 9 years, receiving a warm meal, access to healthcare and education, and weekly Holy Home Visits from a volunteer Care Worker, who gets to know the children and their families and their needs and share Jesus with them. The day they visited in 2015, they remembered how energetically and eagerly Kausiwa helped their family set up a water project in their home when their aunt was injured and in pain, scrubbing the barrel with her head inside. Kausiwa was so full of life and joy.

Three years later, this last May, they visited again, but they could only see Kausiwa briefly because she was in school. They visited with Faye, and some neighborhood kids who came to see the uzungu, or white people (second photo). They learned that Kausiwa had to leave school at 13 to take care of her ailing aunt, who has since passed away. Thankfully Kausiwa was able to return to school, but now Faye, in her early 20s, is responsible for her teenage sister. Though Kausiwa is now two years behind, she still has the energy and big dreams to become a teacher. This wouldn't have been possible without the help of the community-based organization that came around Kausiwa and identified her as one of the most vulnerable children in this community, to provide her basic needs and relational support.

In the third photo, Sarah is on the left, and Kausiwa is, the Care Worker with HAW (third photo) and Kausiwa is in a yellow jacket on the right, along with the other children Sarah is responsible for. When asked for a prayer request, Faye asked that we pray that Kausiwa finish school and get a job to lift their family out of poverty, a huge burden on a 16 year old's shoulders. Amanda asked us to pray for this family and families like them, reminding us that "God is at work, but there is still work to be done."

Then Andrew shared about how we could make a difference for kids like Kausiwa, by praying for these vulnerable children as they don't always have a family structure around them to pray for them. Also to pray for the Care Workers (last photo), who sacrifice every day to care for these children. Andrew shared how a Care Worker, Malia, praised God for the people around the world who knew what they were doing, supported and prayed for them, showing that they do rely on and appreciate our prayers and support. Andrew pointed to the most recent community update, to help inform our prayers. We can also support financially (use the drop down menu to specify Christ Church - Mcheneka). Though as a church we support two staff leaders at HAW, it is our individual donations that go to helping the children. Also, please be on the lookout for get-togethers where we share more about Mcheneka and ways we can pray. 

Then he led us in prayer thanking God for the way he works through his body, churches united in America and Africa who long to see his love shared to the most vulnerable people, children who have no one to watch over them or ways to feed themselves. We thanked God for the Care Workers in Mcheneka who sacrifice and decided to follow Jesus acting as his hands and feet, bringing love to this community. We asked for help in being obedient and diligent in our prayer and support. 

*names changed to protect children's identities
Question #46: What is the Lord's Supper?
Answer: Christ commanded all Christians to eat bread and to drink from the cup in thankful remembrance of him and his death. The Lord’s Supper is a celebration of the presence of God in our midst; bringing us into communion with God and with one another; feeding and nourishing our souls. It also anticipates the day when we will eat and drink with Christ in his Father’s kingdom.
This Week's Sermon: Power and Forgiveness
(Genesis 50)

“The wicked advantage themselves by disadvantaging others, but the righteous disadvantage themselves to advantage others.”
Bruce Waltke, Righteousness in Proverbs (2008)
“But in the family of the just man who lives by faith and is as yet a pilgrim journeying on to the celestial city, even those who rule serve those whom they seem to command; for they rule not from a love of power, but from a sense of the duty they owe to others — not because they are proud of authority, but because they love mercy.”
St. Augustine, The City of God (426 A.D.)
Main Idea: God is always working for good, even through evil and brokenness.

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This sermon series: Rivalry and Restoration: The Story of Joseph
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