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Sunday Recap for April 29, 2018:
Gospel Family

Mission Highlight: Thank you, Connie for sharing about how God moved you to lead the Ladies' Book Study.  Connie shared about moving to San Francisco in November and attending Christ Church, wanting to learn about God with other members of the church. Although she had not led a community group, book study, or anything before, she believed God brings each of us to specific churches at specific times and how sometimes God calls us to rest and receive the word, sometimes to teach, organize and lead.

Seeing how there wasn't anything like it, Connie received encouragement and support from her community group, researched books, and then received the support of the leaders ands staff of the church. They read Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin, meeting at cafes every other week after church on Sunday. They learned that the Bible is ultimately about God, not us, and that the heart cannot love what the mind does not know. The book also introduced them to hermeneutics and exegesis. She learned practical things like how crowded restaurants are on Clement, or online tools, as well as the importance of flexibility, but also how anyone can serve and lead, and that there is always support in doing this. Remembering how our goal as a church is to deepen relationships in Christ, Together, for the City, Connie called us to be intentional about growing together as a community with deep friendships as a family in Christ. 

Connie led us in prayer, thanking God for guiding and being with the Ladies' Book Study, as well as for the women that came, for their readiness and for continued fellowship. She also asked God to lead us to be creative and impactful in different ways, and for God to help those he calls to lead to bring each other closer to Christ. Let's continue to pray for God's guidance and calls to leadership in serving in various ways, as well as the support we can give each other in this!
Question #17: What is idolatry?
Answer: Idolatry is trusting in created things rather than the Creator for our hope and happiness, significance and security.
Link to this Week's Sermon: “Gospel Family" (Ephesians 6:1-4)

“Parenting is ambassadorial work from beginning to end. It is not to be shaped and directed by personal interest, personal need, or cultural perspectives. Every parent everywhere is called to recognize that they have been put on earth at a particular time and in a particular location to do one thing in the lives of their children. What is that one thing? It is God’s will. Here’s what this means at street level: parenting is not first about what we want for our children or from our children, but about what God in grace has planned to do through us in our children. To lose sight of this is to end up with a relationship with our children that at the foundational level is neither Christian nor true parenting because it has become more about our will and our way than about the will and way of our Sovereign Savior King.”
 – Paul David Tripp

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