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Sunday Recap for June 3, 2018:
Lean Back

Mission Highlight: Thank you Maggie, Justin and Cora for sharing the Mission Highlight about San Francisco's supervisorial District 4! They have lived as a family in the Sunset for a year although they have been actively engaged with the Sunset for seven years since they moved to SF.
From Maggie's first Young Life club at a Halloween Event at Stern Grove, and throughout her five years working with Young Life Capernaum, a branch of ministry that serves people with special needs. Capernaum connected with Maggie with two large churches in the Sunset, Lutheran Church of the Holy Sprit and Sunset Church. These two churches have thriving ministries to people with disabilities that supported and partnered with us in a way that was very meaningful to Maggie and the students she worked with.  One of their most special ministries is Respite, a day when parents of children with a disability are invited to drop their child off and take time for themselves.  As someone who is passionate about disability ministry this was an encouraging thing for her to be a part of.
Now as a stay at home mom, the people Maggie sees and interacts with are families at the playground, staff at the library, the employees of twisted donuts, home café and Andytown, as well as zookeepers and beachgoers.  This group of people represent to me the makeup of the sunset.  Longtime residents, newcomers, beach lovers, old family businesses, and young families like them. Here are some stats to better know District 4!
  • The population is over 80,000 people.
  • District 4 is estimated to be 53% Asian, 40% White, 4% Hispanic, and 2% Black.
  • About half of the residents of District 4 were born overseas.
  • About half of the residents have a bachelors degree or higher.
For many, it is their first or last stop in the city, either finding it as the most affordable place to life upon arrival or moving to it having left a neighborhood closer to downtown for more space.

Prayer requests for District 4:
  • For Sunset Church, Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit and other churches that serve the neighborhood. 
  • For families in the neighborhood as they raise children and consider what life looks like for them in the city.  
  • That all people, and especially Christians, would be welcoming and hospitable to the newcomers that land in district 4. 
  • For the playgrounds, libraries, cafes and communities they create- That they would be places where people form meaningful relationships and that Christ would be present.
Let's continue to pray for District 4 and our city!
Question #21: What sort of Redeemer is needed to bring us back to God?
Answer: One who is truly human and also truly God.
Here is Toby introducing Dave, who preached on Sunday for the first Sunday of Toby's sabbatical.
This Week's Sermon: “Lean Back" (John 13:23)

The practice of silence is the radical reversal of our cultural tendencies. Silence is bringing ourselves to a point of relinquishing to God our control of our relationship with God. Silence is a reversal of the whole possessing, controlling, grasping dynamic of trying to maintain control of our own existence. Silence is the inner act of letting it go. 
-Robert Mulholland, Invitation to a Journey: A Road Map for Spiritual Formation

Without the regular experience of being received and loved by God in solitude and silence, we are vulnerable to a kind of leadership that is driven by profound emptiness that we are seeking to fill through performance and achievement. 
-Ruth Haley Barton, Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership

Main idea: A disciple is someone who is leaning back on Jesus, hearing his heartbeat, and from that perspective, looking out into the world. 

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