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Sunday Recap for July 15, 2018:
How To Listen To This Series

Mission Highlight: Thank you Lauren for sharing the second of five Malawi Mission Highlights from our trip in May! For those of you who missed it, here is what she shared:

"Good morning Christ Church! My name is Lauren, and this morning it’s my privilege to share a little bit about our recent trip to Malawi.
Two months ago, a team of eight from our church had the opportunity to visit Mcheneka, Malawi, in partnership with Hands at Work. For those of you who are new, Hands at Work is an organization dedicated to providing care to the orphans of the AIDS crisis through the mobilisation of the local church. While Hands at Work has been working to bring daily meals, healthcare, and education to children in eight countries across Africa, we at Christ Church have been specifically partnered with the community of Mcheneka for the past eight years.
During our visit, we were able to get to know the Care Workers, who really are the core of Hands at Work (first picture). Monday through Friday, these Care Workers visit the homes of the children they have been paired with, providing a consistent adult-presence in the lives of these kids. When we first arrived, I was in awe of how much the Care Workers were giving of themselves to serve their communities. All of these volunteers had homes and families of their own to take care of, and none of them were coming from the positions of wealth or privilege that we normally associate with volunteerism here in the States. As you can see from the photo, a few of the women even had their own infants to take care of, but they didn’t let that stop them from serving. These brothers and sisters were a true embodiment of Colossians 3:17, doing everything in the name of Jesus, with a heart of thanksgiving all the while. Honestly, I learned more about what it means to love and serve the poor by watching these Care Workers than I have from anyone else in my life (second picture).
I think my favorite part of our visit was getting to spend time with the kids. Despite having lost family members, and growing up in poverty, these kids were as happy and playful as any. On our first day, I found it difficult to interact with them due to the language barrier, but by the second day, God provided an easy way for us to “talk” (third picture)!
After that second day, I would find myself sitting in the dirt with my notebook, struggling to think of new things to draw as 20 kids huddled around to watch. I would ask them to tell me the words for what I was drawing - it was a lot like playing Pictionary in Chichewa!
Playing with the children in Mcheneka actually reminded me a lot of my time spent playing with our own kids in the toddler room on Sunday mornings. It was really difficult to see how little these kids had in comparison to the children in our church, but it helped me understand that we have a God whose love rises above circumstance and material well-being.
Overall, our time in Malawi taught me a lot about the work God is doing at a global scale, as well as the enormity of his love for all of his children. Seeing how much the Care Workers and children love our God was incredibly encouraging, and built my faith in ways I’m still reflecting on. Before I go, I’d like to say a quick prayer for our brothers and sisters in Mcheneka.
Heavenly Father,
We thank you for the relationships you have built between churches in San Francisco and Mcheneka, and that you are a God who is strong enough to unite the church across geographical and cultural barriers. We want to lift up the Care Workers of Mcheneka to you, Lord. We pray that you would continue to strengthen them and sustain them as they serve the poorest of the poor in their communities. We also pray for the children being cared for by Hands at Work. We pray that they would come to know you as their God and loving Father, and that you would protect them as they grow up. Lord, help us as a church to learn from their example, that we might love and serve others in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the father through him.
In Jesus’ name we pray,
We also prayed for Lauren, who will be going to medical school in San Diego. After reflecting on the blessing Lauren has been to us at Christ Church, Seng talked about how Lauren has been blessed by her various communities and relationships here. We asked God to go with Lauren and for Lauren to be able to see that God goes with her, and for the new church community to come alongside Lauren as well. Let's continue to pray for Lauren as well!
Question #26: What else does Christ’s death redeem?
Answer: Christ’s death is the beginning of the redemption and renewal of every part of fallen creation, as he powerfully directs all things for his own glory and creation’s good.
Toby's video introduction of Pastor Curt Allen who will be preaching for us the next four weeks!
This Week's Sermon: “How To Listen To This Series" (Mark 14:12-21)

Thank you Pastor Curt for preaching for us this Sunday! Curt, his wife Betsy, and their three sons Santiago, Giovanni, and Mateo are visiting from Solid Rock Church in Maryland. Please be sure to say hello to them! This is the first of a four part series, "Stay Alive." The first sermon application question asks, "Why did there have to be a betrayer of Jesus?"

Sermon Application Questions
This sermon series: Stay Alive

1. Welcome Lunch next Sunday, July 22nd. New to Christ Church? We'd love to take you out to lunch, get to know you and be known by you, and answer any questions you might have. Email April if you are interested.

2. Family Playdate Sunday 29th before service (9:30-10:20am) at Rossi Playground. A great opportunity to get to meet other families. Park at Roosevelt and walk five minutes to Rossi!

3. Church Family Picnic on Sunday, July 29th after service at Off the Grid in the Presidio! We will be meeting at Rick's Tree. Lots of food trucks or bring a lunch! Great time of fellowship. 

4. Interested in membership? Membership is a way to publicly commit to the local body and to be the church along with others who have done the same. Next affirmation is 8/19, and applications to be a part of that affirmation is Sunday, August 5th. Email us for more info! 

5. Sunday, August 19th, we will be meeting at Chapel of Our Lady in the Presidio (instead of Roosevelt), same time 10:30am-12pm. 
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