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Sunday Recap for May 26, 2019:
Wisdom and Work

Mission Highlight: Our Commissioning Prayers are a part of a series of our Mission Highlights where once a month, we pray for those working in a specific industry, recognizing that all followers of Jesus are sent wherever we go (John 20:21John 17:18), including the workplace.”

Thank you Cory for sharing about the tech industry - engineers, software developers, product managers, product architects, and similar roles.

Cory shared about how working in tech here isn't just a job, it's a whole ecosystem and lifestyle - with celebrity CEOs, crazy perks, and a whole host of challenges. He shared about the exciting opportunities right now to create products and services (both physical and virtual) used by millions of people, shape society in real ways, but also the temptation to make those pursuits into idols and put work and success above everything else. 

He shared about the perks, such as unlimited paid time off, flexible hours, free lunch, huge holiday parties, etc. and how ti could grow into a sense of entitlement, staying at the office all day, isolating themselves from the rest of the world. He also shared the challenges of a lack fo diversity in the industry with race and gender, creating echo chambers or unwelcome or oppressive environments for those who are not in the majority group (white, male). 

He shared how conversations about faith are rare, and how it is assumed no one takes religion seriously, further tempting believers to turn inward and work life separate, though Christian groups in various companies are encouraging to see for fellowship and support.

Then Jamin prayed a commissioning prayer for those in the technology industry, sending them out in Christ's name:

"Father, anchor our souls in Christ, who alone is sufficient to fill the longings within our hearts and within our City. Here stand men and women that you have placed, uniquely in moment in history, in companies across this city, companies that wield incredible power of our culture, even the world. 

Help these men and women to seek to be excellent in their responsibilities.

Help them to model the countercultural truth that their worth is not defined by the sum of their output.

Grant them the wisdom to live in the tension that while the technology they help to create can bring great benefits to your creation, it cannot save us.

Grant them the wisdom to navigate the cultural and political highways with grace and humbleness as our City wrestles with the growth of the technology sector.

Give them boldness to speak out against oppression and abuse wherever they may find it.

Give them love for those you have placed around them — coworkers, bosses, those that report to them — this is their mission field. 

Help them to rise each day anchored by the truth that you love them. Individually. Fully. Eternally. Because of your son. That their worth is incalculable. Because of Jesus. And may that truth empower them to carry out bold acts of love here in the City to build your kingdom. Amen."
This Week's Sermon: “Wisdom and Work" (Ecclesiastes 4:4, 6:7)

“If work is your identity, success goes to your head and failure goes to your heart.”—Tim Keller
“A serious perversion of the truth takes place when a whole society claims to provide satisfaction for the soul through work! Such talk can produce nothing but a huge vacuum, which all the other passions will rush to fill up.” —Jacques Ellul, Reason for Being 
Main Idea: Why do we work? (It is a gift from the hand of God.)


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This sermon series: Pursuing a Meaningful Life

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