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Sunday Recap for September 8, 2019:
Servant Song

Mission Highlight: Thank you, Jason and Jen, for sharing your experience from the Spain Missions Trip with us.
From Jason:

"In June, Jen, Vivienne, and I, went to Spain with a group from the church. We were there to help a local church in a town called Vilafranca, near Barcelona. Our role was to help put on an English camp for kids at the church and in the community.

Part of the goal of the English camp was to legitimize the church in the community. To give a bit of context, the main religion in Spain is Catholicism, but most people do not actually believe. They just go for weddings and funerals for cultural reasons. The Evangelical church is actually seen as a kind of cult. So the point of doing the English camp is to get people to see the church as an okay place where normal people go.

Since it was our first missions trip with Vivienne, I was a little worried about how she would do. But when we got there, it was so great to see how well all the kids treated her. She fit right into our class of 4-6 year olds, participating and helping out in the classroom. She especially liked Rafa, who picked us up from the airport. Even now, she sometimes tells me that she misses Rafa and wants to go back to Spain. We do hope to go back in the future and continue to develop our relationships with the people there."

From Jen:

"Some of the most common questions I’ve been asked about our missions trip to Spain have been: “What was your biggest takeaway? How has the experience changed your life since returning home?” And the answer for me was their hospitality. 

We had the privilege of staying with a host family on this trip, a couple (Marga and Mark) and their three young daughters. By American standards they lived in a small apartment, even compared to those of us who live in San Francisco. The five of them lived in a space smaller than the two-bedroom that Jason, Vivienne and I currently live in. And yet on the first night they welcomed us with the words “our home is your home.” The next morning I woke up to realize that the statement was not merely lip service – the couple had given up their master bedroom for us while they slept on the ground of their daughters’ room.

The next day they told us to invite anyone from our team over for lunch. “But we have over 20 people on our team,” Jason said, concerned. His comment was answered simply with “No problem.” Back at home I worry that people won’t be comfortable if we have over a dozen guests, and our common area is almost double theirs. 

Every morning our host prepared us a breakfast of three different types of ham, eggs, a variety of toasts, pastries, and freshly made drinks. It felt like a banquet compared to the daily oatmeal or cereal we typically have back at home. When we tried to thank our host family for their generosity and sacrifice, we were reprimanded that no thanks was needed. When we made lunch plans in an effort to be easier house guests and to give them a break, we were met with disappointment that they couldn’t do more or cook more for us.

The experience reminded me of the familiar bible story of Jesus feeding five thousand people with only five loaves of bread and two fish. A lot of times we believe that we don’t have enough to offer to others, that our house is too small, that we don’t have enough money, or that we simply don’t have time. In truth we usually do have enough to share, as long as we are willing to give it our all, just as Christ has done for us. 

Thank you for allowing us to share about this trip. Most of all, we are grateful for your prayers and support."
Question #36: What do we believe about the Holy Spirit?
Answer: That he is God, coeternal with the Father and the Son, and that God grants him irrevocably to all who believe.
Link to this Week's Sermon: “Servant Song" (Isaiah 42:1-9)

"Besides, when the Lord promised deliverance to the Jews, he wished to raise their minds higher, that they might look for greater and more valuable gifts than bodily freedom and a return to Judea; for those blessings were only the foretaste of that redemption which they at length obtained through Christ, and which we now enjoy." - John Calvin

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This sermon series: Stand Alone Sermons

-Our church's 10 year anniversary celebration is next weekend (09/14-09/15): 

1. On Saturday, the 14th, we will go to the Giants game together. The game starts at 6:05pm and those of you who have responded "yes" to joining us that day, we already have a ticket for you. If you haven't responded yet but would like to go, we can still get you a ticket, but please email us as soon as possible. 

2. On Sunday, the 15th, we plan to have a shorter service, followed by dim sum from Billy's restaurant, lunch by Chairman Bao's Food Truck, and dessert from SusieCakes. We will be handing out a menu that morning to help you get an idea of what to order at the food truck. There will also be a bounce house set up as well as some outdoor games for everyone to enjoy. Parents, a bounce house waiver will be available for you at check in that day if you would like your kids to participate.

-As we announced a couple weeks ago, our new ministry directors are Melissa Jantz and Yiqian Barba. Though they handle different areas of operations, to make the transition easier for everyone, please email both of them when you have a question, and the one responsible for that particular area will respond to you. Their emails are: mel@christchurchsf.org / yb@christchurchsf.org

-Spruce Up Day at Roosevelt Middle School is on Saturday, 10/5, from 9am-noon. We've been blessed to be able to use this space, so let's use this clean up day as a way to show our appreciation.
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