Jesus Christ is the center of God's plan to redeem the whole world. Followers of Christ are united to him and therefore Christ must be at the center of our lives and everything we do as a church.

(Colossians 1Luke 24 ; John 17)



We receive the gospel promises individually, but are called to live them out together. God gives us the opportunity for deep friendships and family to help us with all that we face in life. Our love for one another puts Christ's love on display.

(1 Corinthians 12John 17)



We go into our neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces with a desire to bring the gospel to those who do not know Christ. We go as Christ came to us, in love and humility, with a heart to love and serve our City and World.

(John 20Matthew 28Acts 1)

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The Bible is about the person and work of Jesus Christ from start to finish. God created a good world, human beings rebelled against God and his good ways and fell away, God accomplished redemption in Jesus Christ, and God will restore the universe when Christ comes again to make everything new. This is the central story of human history and needs to be the central story of our lives and churches. This is the gospel.

We believe that God’s gospel narrative begins in the book of Genesis. God created the earth and all that is in it, and it was good. Adam and Eve rebelled against God and His good rule, and it was bad. But in the midst of what seemed a hopeless future for all humanity, God made a promise. God promised that through a future descendent of the woman would one day come a man that would crush the head of the serpent and redeem mankind. Evil, death, sin, oppression, rebellion and suffering would once for all be defeated.

Christ has done what we could never do. He perfectly obeyed God on our behalf. Where Adam failed, Christ did not. Christ became sin for us, taking away the punishment that we had earned, so that we might stand before God as righteous and dearly loved children. As followers of Christ we have been united to him. Christ daily gives us the power to live lives that glorify God, but apart from him we are still powerless. Who Christ is and what he has done must and will transform who we are and what we do.


toby kurth


Lead Pastor: Toby's family has been in California for four generations and he was raised mostly in San Diego and Monterey.  He and his wife Rebekah were married in San Diego in 1999 and have three active and fun boys aged 15, 10, and 7.  Toby earned his BS from UC Davis and after spending a number of years in the marketplace, he went back to school to pursue a masters at Westminster Seminary in California and a PhD at Stony Brook University in New York. While living in Brooklyn, God redirected Toby and Rebekah towards full-time ministry, and they came home to California in 2009 to plant a church in San Francisco.

As Lead Pastor, his primary responsibilities include preaching, counseling, leadership development, and providing directional leadership for our church.  


seng chin


Executive Pastor: Seng was born in pre-Independence Singapore and grew up in a multi-racial Southeast Asian culture. He got his BA from the University of Oregon, MA from the University of London, and is currently attending Gateway Seminary. After spending his early career in the private sector, he spent two and a half decades in the government and diplomatic service of Singapore, with assignments in Washington DC, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, and San Francisco, where he started attending Christ Church in 2010. He is married to Julie, who is step-mom to his daughter Jordan.

As Executive Pastor, his initial focus will be on the organizational health and development of Christ Church, including the resourcing of its ministries, equipping and coordination of ministry leaders, and the pastoral care of church members. 


janice whang


Children's Ministry and Communications Director: Janice is from Torrance, CA and got her BA from Harvard University. After briefly working in international development, she began to pursue her writing in Seoul and San Francisco while working in education.  Janice started attending Christ Church in 2010, and her involvement grew to joining full-time staff as she continues to write.

As Children's Ministry and Communications Director, she oversees, coordinates and provides support for Children's Ministry, and she also organizes meetings and keeps leaders, members, visitors and the wider public informed about Christ Church happenings. 

jon paul.jpg

jon-paul momsen


Founding Elder: Jon-Paul's original hometown is Johannesburg, South Africa, and his family immigrated to San Diego when he was in eighth grade. He and his wife Courtney were married in San Diego in 2001 and they lived in London and New York before returning to California in 2006. They have a daughter and two sons. After earning his BS/BA at University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Columbia University, he now works in real estate private equity.

As one of the founding elders at Christ Church, he provides leadership for Christ Church's finances and planning, and he also helps lead a community group.